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   Chapter 28 Something Went Wrong

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It had been quite a long time since Rose came to the manor. With the company of so many villagers and the absence of Amanda and other people, she gradually calmed down. During these days, she accompanied grandma to walk around in the manor in the daytime, pruning the grass, and in the evening she herself searched online news to look for clues about her father's case.

Rose believed that her father was framed. Her respected father, who loved her and her mother so much, wouldn't do such a thing as cutting off the project funds and watching the workers in danger. She wanted to find out the evidence of setup as soon as possible and save her father from prison, which would also be able to end her ridiculous marriage with Burke as soon as possible.

It was really hard for Rose to keep indifferent after she saw the intimacy between Burke and Amanda. She could not understand to live with her beloved one who yet kept misunderstanding her and ignored her. She would break up with Burke sooner or later.

It was already past eleven at night. Rose rubbed her temples and looked up at the clock in the corner. The big room was so quiet that she could only hear her own breathing and the sound of clock ticking. All of a sudden, a sense of loneliness engulfed her.

It had been two months. She hadn't seen Burke for two months.

She didn't want to admit that she missed him so much at night.

The memories with him were pouring into her mind. She only remembered his good, but forgot his bad.

However, it was impossible for them to be together anymore.

'Rose, don't be so easy and don't miss him.' Rose warned herself in mind not to think about that man anymore. She rubbed her eyes and decided to turn off her computer. A news popped up in Rose's laptop. When she was about to close it as usual, her attention was drawn by the name on the news- 'CEO of Gu Group, Burke Gu said that the first trial of the Hetian Real Estate project had failed, and that project might be about to stop or sell.'

"Hetian Real Estate..." Murmured Rose, who was in a trance.

Over the two months she had stayed in this manor, except accompanying grandma to walk around and enjoy the scenery, she had never been out. She was isolated from the outside world in this way, so she couldn't receive any information from the outside world in time, but this didn't mean that she knew nothing about it.

Several senior shareholders of the Gu consortium often came to the manor to have meetings with Mrs. Gu, and Leona, who sat next to them, also heard the words.

The Hetian Real Estate was the latest major development project of the Gu Group. Everyone was confident in this project.

Most importantly, this was the first time for the CEO of Gu Group himself to make a project.

But now it didn't seem to be going well

Rose opened the news. On the screen, it showed that Burke was still handsome, but a little thinner, and his eyes were also black.

He remained graceful and powerful in front of the media cameras, but Rose had been with him for a long time, so she knew that he was actually tired.

She felt sorry for him, but she quickly returned to her old self.

Enough! How stupid she was! It had nothing to do with her whether he was happy or not.

Rose quickly turned off the news screen and looked at the gradually dimmed screen in a daze.

On the dark screen, against the light, reflected

a gaunt face.

After all, her feelings were not up to herself.

A wry smile appeared on Rose's face. She felt that she had loved Burke to a pathetic level.

Cold wind howled in the vast, dark night.

When the bell stroke, the light in the CEO's office of Gu Group building went off.

Burke rubbed between his eyebrows and walked into the empty elevator.

It was already one o'clock in the morning. He didn't notice that.

Wang from the project department was still reporting work to him. "Mr. Gu, we have notified the staff of our project department about the work you ordered. The detailed plans of the project will be there even if the staff work overtime. Mr. Fang from the Aus Group wants to meet you tomorrow and discuss some details on the contract with you..."

"Okay," Burke interrupted him, "I see. You can collect the documents and send them to my email. Discuss the schedule in detail with my secretary. He has been with me for many years. He knows what's more important and what's less important."

"Yes." Wang said while closing the file. Looking at the young president who stood upright found it hard to hide his exhaustion, he couldn't help reminding, "Mr. Gu, you have been working overtime for several days in a row. Even you are still young, you can't bear it. Go back and have a good rest. In fact, you don't have to go to the site to have a video meeting to confirm some details."

"I know. I have my own discretion. " Burke nodded to show his agreement, but his eyes were fixed on the screen of the elevator.

Wang noticed that Burke had no intention of further negotiation. Having worked with him for several years, he knew that Burke was a cold man and would not say anything more. Recently, the Gu Group was continuously snubbed in business. It would not have been so terrible if someone hadn't made trouble in secret.

Hetian Real Estate, which had been prepared for a long time by Burke carefully, was failed because its plan was leaked before the trial.

Thinking of this, Wang shook his head, showing his pity.

When the elevator arrived at the parking lot on the first floor underground, Burke stepped out of it. His driver, Chen, was already waiting by his car. Seeing that he was coming, Chen opened the car door for him immediately.

"Didn't I tell you not to come here?" Burke frowned.

"Grandma knew that you were busy with your work these days. She was afraid that you would be exhausted, so she asked me to drive you to the destination safely." Chen replied with great respect.

Without saying anything, Burke sat in the back seat, head leaned on the back of the sofa, hands on his face, and exhaled slightly. He really had no energy in the past few days.

He almost couldn't breathe for the things at work. It seemed that he hadn't felt frustrated like this for a long time.

He had always been high spirited and vigorous in business, and had never suffered such a setback.

However, the plan failed, and the enemy did not show up, but hid in the darkness. Someone was playing a trick on him.

The enemy was in the darkness, which was really difficult.

His cell phone vibrated in his suit jacket. Looking at the name on the screen, Burke hesitated for a second and then hung up. It was Amanda.

He was in no mood to deal with her.

He could not tell how he felt about Amanda, but he knew that he didn't want to see her now.

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