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   Chapter 28 Something Went Wrong

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Rose had been staying in the manor for quite a long time now. And with the company of beautiful sceneries, the absence of Amanda, and other toxic people in her life, she gradually felt relaxed and calm. Every day, she accompanied Burke's grandmother to walk around the manor in the morning and do some gardening in the afternoon. At night, she stayed in her room and searched for some news online that could help with her father's case.

Rose believed that Ray was innocent, and he was only framed. As a respected man, a loving husband and father, she knew that he wouldn't do such things as cutting off the project funds and putting his employees in danger. She wanted to find the evidence that Ray was setup, so she could get him out of prison as soon as possible. Then she could also end her ridiculous marriage with Burke.

Rose couldn't help feeling the bitterness in her heart every time she remembered how intimate Burke was to Amanda. She couldn't stand to live with him anymore. She loved him, but he kept on misunderstanding and ignoring her. It would be better if she broke up with him as soon as she could.

Rose turned away from her laptop and rubbed her temples. She glanced at the clock on the bedside table, and it was already past eleven in the evening. Her room was too big for her. It was so quiet that she could even hear her own breathing and the sound of the clock ticking. All of a sudden, the feeling of loneliness engulfed her.

It had been two months that she hadn't seen Burke.

She didn't want to admit it, but she missed him so much, especially at night.

Rose couldn't take Burke and all of their memories out of her mind. She only remembered all the good things he had done to her and forgot the bad.

However, they couldn't possibly be together anymore.

"Rose, don't be too weak. Stop missing him," she scolded herself. She rubbed her eyes and decided to turn off her laptop. But before she could exit the news site she was checking, a piece of news suddenly popped up. The headline immediately caught her attention. It said, "CEO of Gu Group, Burke Gu, admitted that the first trial of the HT Estate Project had failed. They may either stop the project or sell it to other companies."

"HT Estate Project..." Rose murmured in a trance.

During the past two months, she had stayed in the manor all the time. Except for accompanying Burke's grandmother to walk around and enjoy the scenery, she had never gone out. She had isolated herself, so she didn't hear any information about the outside world. But it didn't mean that she knew nothing about the HT Estate Project.

Several senior shareholders of the Gu Group often came to the manor to have meetings with Burke's grandmother. And Rose had always sat beside her to quietly listen.

The HT Estate Project was the latest major development project of the Gu Group, and everyone put their trust in this project.

Most importantly, this was Burke's first brainchild as the CEO of Gu Group.

But based on the headline, it seemed that things were not going well.

Rose opened the news. Burke's picture was the first thing she saw on the screen. He was still handsome, but he looked a little thinner, and dark circles were visible around his eyes.

He was full of gracefulness and power in front of the media cameras. But she had lived with him for a long time, so she could tell that he was actually tired.

For a moment, she felt sorry for him. But then, she quickly reprimanded herself.

Enough for her stupidity! She must always remind herself that whatever happened to Burke, it had nothing to do with her.

Rose quickly turned off her laptop and watched as the screen gradually turned black in a daze.

Then she saw the reflection of her gaunt face.

She smiled wryly. Indeed, it was so difficult to control her heart.

Her heart only beat for Burke, and she couldn't stop it even though her love for him already made her look so pathetic.

The howling winds turned increasingly

cold in the dark night outside.

The lights in the CEO's office of the Gu Group had just gone off.

Burke was kneading his glabella while walking towards the empty elevator.

He was so busy that he lost track of the time. It was already one o'clock in the morning.

Manager Wang, who was the head of the project management department, stood beside him, still reporting. "Mr. Gu, I've already notified all the staff in my department about the new task that you've assigned to us. We will work overtime on this so we can provide you a detailed plan immediately. Also, Manager Fang from the Aus Group wants to meet you tomorrow to discuss some details about the contract..."

"Okay," Burke interrupted him. "Just gather all the documents and send them to my email. Then discuss the details of the schedule with my secretary. He has been with me for many years. He knows what to prioritize."

"Yes, Mr. Gu," Manager Wang replied while closing the file in his hands. He then looked at Burke, who was standing upright. It was not hard to notice the exhaustion on Burke's face, so he said tentatively, "Mr. Gu, you have been working overtime for several days in a row. Even though you are still young, you won't be able to stand it if you go on like this. Please go home and have a good rest. Don't worry about the site visit tomorrow. We can go there by ourselves, then we can have a video conference while you are at home so we can report to you the details."

"I know. Don't worry about me. I have my own discretion," Burke replied with a nod, but his eyes were fixed on the elevator door.

Manager Wang noticed that Burke was not in the mood to talk. He had been working with Burke in the Gu Group for several years, and he knew that Burke was a cold and indifferent man. And since the Gu Group was being continuously snubbed in the corporate society recently, it terribly affected Burke's mood.

The HT Estate Project was Burke's brainchild, after all. He had carefully prepared for it for a long time. However, everything failed because the details of their plan were leaked before they could even commence the project. If only they had immediately found out that there was a mole in their company, things wouldn't be this worse.

At the thought of it, Manager Wang couldn't help shaking his head. He felt sorry for Burke.

When the elevator reached the basement parking, Burke stepped out at once. The driver, Chen, was already waiting beside his car. As soon as Chen saw Burke coming, he immediately opened the backseat door for him.

"Didn't I tell you not to come here?" Burke snapped with a frown.

"Mr. Gu, your grandmother knows that you are busy in the company these days. She's worried that you'll get too exhausted, so she personally asked me to drive for you. I will take you anywhere you want to go safely," Chen replied respectfully.

Without saying anything, Burke got in the car and leaned against the seat. He covered his face with his hands and heaved a deep sigh. The truth was, he felt like he didn't have any energy left anymore.

He was drowning with the piles of work he had in the company these past few weeks, and he almost couldn't breathe. For the first time in his life, frustration struck him.

Burke had always been high-spirited and vigorous in his work. He had never experienced such a setback before.

But he didn't expect that his biggest project would fail just like this. Worse was, his enemies remained hidden in the dark. He had no clue who they were. Someone was playing tricks on him, and he hadn't found that person yet.

As long as he didn't know his enemies, things would still be difficult for him.

The phone in his suit pocket vibrated, so he took it out. Upon seeing the name of the caller on the screen, he hesitated for a second before he hung up. It was Amanda.

He was not in the mood to talk to her.

Burke was still confused about what he felt for Amanda, but he knew that he didn't want to see her at the moment.

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