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   Chapter 27 Memory

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Rose was reminded of the memories of her childhood. Then the depressed face of the young man and Burke's cold face alternately flashed across her mind.

She stopped wiping the table and slid down the bed. She hugged her knees to her chest, rested her cheek on one knee, and closed her eyes, trying to control the sobs in her throat.

Perhaps, their ending had already been decided the moment they met.

Burke was the disaster that she could never get rid of in her life.

Twelve years ago, Ray had just taken over their family business. He was always busy at work that he often didn't come home for a few days. Until one day, he decided to stay in the company for a while.

It was fall, the harvest season of the year. So Ken, the old servant of the Lin Family, had to go back to his hometown to help with the farm work.

"Ma'am, if you are bored here, why don't you come with me to my hometown for a few days? I'm sure that you can enjoy and relax there," Ken offered to Lillian.

Lillian had just resigned from her job as a university teacher at that time to look after Rose, who had just recovered from an illness. She felt sorry that she couldn't share Ray's trouble at work because she had to prioritize Rose's health condition. Ken's suggestion sounded like a good idea to her.

"Amy, is it okay with you if we stay in the countryside for a few days?" Lillian gently asked Rose, who was playing the piano. "Amy" was Rose's middle name and her parents liked calling her that when she was still a child.

Ray and Lillian were always in a good relationship. Rose was their only child, so they cared so much for her and treated her well. Lillian knew that Ray would agree that the countryside was the best place for Rose to recover fully.

"Sure, Mom."

Rose stopped playing the piano and agreed to Lillian at once. She was just discharged from the hospital, and she couldn't go back to school yet because of her health condition, so she was bored to death. She liked the idea of going to the countryside, where the environment was totally different.

Rose had a beautiful face and a pure bright smile. She was like rosy dawn in the spring.

After packing a few clothes and stuff, Lillian and the fourteen-year-old Rose went with Ken to Evergreen Town. Ken's family in the countryside was kind and accommodating. The Lin Family had always treated them well, and they were deeply grateful, so they welcomed Rose and Lillian warmly.

Ken's wife knew that Rose loved playing the piano in her free time, so she borrowed the only piano in their town from the principal of the primary school for Rose not to get bored.

Since then, the sound of the piano resounded through the house every afternoon of that autumn. It also reached the neighboring houses, including the one where Burke stayed.

The melodious music that Rose created from playing the piano also led her and Burke's paths to cross.

Every time Rose played the piano, she would always look out of the window. There, she could clearly see the gloomy young man sitting under the sycamore tree on the other side of the wall. She could tell that something heavy was in his mind. Although he looked a little naive, there was always a trace of sadness in his eyes. He didn't even smile. As the golden yellow leaves fell one after another surrounding him, he looked like a painting that was perfectly drawn under the bleak autumn.

Rose got more curious about him. She wanted to tell him that he could share with her whatever his worries were. She was willing to listen to help him ease his burden.

In Rose's world, she didn't know what sorrow was like.

Her parents had a good relationship, and they treated her well. Their family was well-off, so she was also well-provided. As a matter of fact, her only worry was how to yearn for a bigger world.

"Are you there?" Her sweet voice was clearly heard on the other side of the wall.

Those were the first three words that she said to Burke. After playing the piano and secretly watching him for many days, she finally plucked up the courage to go down and talk to him.

There seemed to be an invisible force that drew them closer. As days passed by, they became close friends.

Rose would always tell Burke, "Everything will be fine." Those were simple, comforting words from her, but they brought waves of warmth in the bottom of Burke's heart.

"My name is Amy," Rose introduced herself with the middle name that only her parents would use to call her.

Burke didn't tell Rose his name, but she didn't really mind. What mattered to her was that she enjoyed talking to him every day. She had the impression that although he looked so weak, he had extraordinary wisdom and courage. He was so smart that he could always share brilliant ideas that made her like talking to him more. Burke had also never seen Rose's face. All those times, they had only chatted with the broken wall between them.

Aside from playing the piano, one of Rose's favorite pastime was going to the pond near the courtyard to play. One afternoon, she didn't expect that she would see Burke struggling to get out of the water. She was so scared that she hadn't thought of asking for help. Instead, she rushed into the water and saved him alone. Rose did her best to swim towards the side of the pond with the unconscious Burke in her arm. She got so exhausted that she also fainted.

When she woke up, she was already in a hospital ward in the city. Lillian was the first person she saw the moment she opened her eyes.

"Amy? Are you awake? Ray, Amy is awake!" Lillian excitedly shouted as she held and kissed Rose's delicate hands. She couldn't help but cry with happiness.

Ray, who was standing by the window, turned around when he heard Lillian's voice. He rushed to Rose's bed and gently put his rough hand on Rose's forehead.

"How do you feel? Wait, I'll call the doctor." A trace of relief was in Ray's voice.

"Mom, why am I here? Where is that boy?" Rose asked with a frown. Everything that happened in the pond before she fainted flashed through her mind.

"Silly girl. With your current situation, how can you still have time to care about others? You're just lucky that some villagers nearby noticed and rescued you. The boy was taken away by his family. He should be all right," Lillian explained gently.

Rose felt relieved upon knowing that the young man was okay.

She just felt a little sad that she didn't get a chance to ask for his name and his address. From the way he looked, she knew that he was also not a local like her. He must be on vacation too.

Unfortunately, they might never see each other again.

She felt a sudden sense of loss. This memory of her childhood was kept deep down in Rose's heart. It was her top secret in life. A secret that only she and that young man knew.

When Burke showed up in front of her with the contract, she recognized him at once. She knew that he was the young man under the sycamore tree who was listening to her playing the piano twelve years ago. There was still a trace of sadness on his handsome face, but he looked a bit cold and unruly this time. His eyes emanated coldness that could make people feel chilly upon glancing at him.

Rose had never expected that fate would play a cruel joke on them, and they would end up like this. Burke had already forgotten about her and the memories they shared that she had treasured in her heart.

What made Rose even more surprised was that there was already a woman named "Amy" by his side. She wasn't sure if he could recall that in autumn twelve years ago, he had also met a girl with the same name in the countryside.

After she was married to Burke, she made a promise to herself that she would do her best to be a good wife to him. She still hoped that one day, he would remember her and learn to love her. But things didn't go the way she wanted them to be. All her efforts were left in vain. The resentments between the past generations of their families, her miscarriage, and Amanda were their barriers. They could never end up together.

And now that the past started to haunt her, Rose felt so depressed. All she could do was hug herself and sob.

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