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   Chapter 26 Torrential

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When Xavier felt the cold beer dampened his hands and feet, he seemed to have come back to his senses. He hastily reached for the box of tissue and wiped himself.

It took a while before he was able to absorb Burke's shocking revelation.

"Are you telling me that your relationship with Rose is contractual?" he asked slowly.

Burke glanced at Xavier. His look meant tacit agreement.

"What... You and Rose..." Xavier was tongue-tied for a while. His mind was in a mess.

"As I've said just now, our relationship is far more complicated than you think."

Burke looked at the time on the LED screen in front of him and drank the last mouthful of beer. He then turned to Xavier and asked, "Did you drive here?"

Xavier just shook his head.

Burke threw the car keys at him and said sharply, "Use my car but don't drive. Wait for my driver here. I'll call him and ask him to drive you back to your home."

He then got out of the car immediately.

Xavier jolted when Burke slammed the car door with a bang. He shivered all over, still unable to get over with Burke's divulgence.

When Burke entered the ward, the pungent smell of disinfectant that filled the air penetrated his nostrils. He saw Rose sleeping soundly in her bed.

He checked the bowl of chicken soup that Xavier brought earlier. It was already empty and was put inside the plastic bag. The bedside table had been cleaned as well.

Burke walked lightly towards the window, closed it, and drew the curtains.

He then stood beside the bed in silence and looked at Rose for a while.

While he was staring at her, a sudden realization occurred to him. They had been married for more than a year now, but he had never watched her sleeping.

He had never seen her wake up in the morning, either.

Burke couldn't deny the fact that Rose had always been a gentle and considerate wife.

Every morning, she got up an hour before he woke up to prepare breakfast for him. Every night, she waited for him to come back home after work. Then she would fill the bathtub with hot water and add his favorite fragrance and salt to it so he could have a relaxing bath.

While he was doing some take-home work in the study until late in the evening, she would stay with him, reading a book quietly.

Burke was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, so he grew up surrounded by many servants. He didn't need to do anything as he was always being served.

Rose was also the same. Before the Lin Family went bankrupt, he knew that she also lived a luxurious life.

But he was surprised that she was capable of doing the household chores. She even knew how to cook different dishes for him.

Burke had actually wanted to hire a housemaid, but she gently refused.

"I know that the Gu Group is earning a lot, and you can hire as many housemaids as you want. But I don't need a helper here. I can take care of the house by myself," Rose said to him in a soft tone.

He admired her more for her attitude. Before he met her, he had been with several women. And he knew that all of them were just after the good life he could give them. They had enjoyed a life of luxury with his money. But Rose was different. She even helped him save money.

Standing beside her bed and looking at her pale face, Burke was now sure that she really had occupied his heart already.

"Rose..." he whispered her name and sighed. He felt distressed and yielding at the same time.

The next day, Rose was discharged from the hospital. She then went on a vacation to the Gu Family manor with Burke's grandmother, where she could recuperate.

The manor, which was purchased by the Gu Family a long time ago, was located in the suburb of the city. It would take them one and a half hours to get there. Although none of the members of the Gu Family lived there, some servants took car

e of the house, so it was well-maintained. The servants also made sure that everything was well-prepared, so Rose didn't need to buy anything else.

While they were in the car, Burke's grandmother looked at Rose and commented, "Rosy, you look so pale today. Haven't you slept well last night?" There was a trace of worry on her face.

"I'm okay, Grandma," Rose replied and forced a smile as she turned to look at the old lady.

"Tell me, did Burke bully you again?" Burke's grandmother asked seriously.

"No, Grandma. Burke and I are doing okay. We don't have any problems."

It was true. When Burke came to pick her up this morning, Rose felt that the tension between them had eased a lot. They seemed to get along pretty well now.

Their relationship had been quiet and peaceful. But Rose didn't feel happy at all. She lowered her head with bitterness in her heart.

After what happened to Amanda's mother, she had already given up her hope in him.

Before, she dreamed of having a romantic life with Burke. She wanted them to live like the normal couple did.

However, she got tired of dreaming and hoping. She had learned to accept the fact that he had someone else in his heart, and she couldn't even squeeze in.

The only thing that kept them connected was their contract.

Rose couldn't understand why Burke wouldn't let her go. She wanted a divorce, but he always refused.

"Rosy, I'm bringing you to the manor to help you forget all the unhappy thoughts. Promise me that we will have a good time while we are there. Don't be sad anymore, okay?"

Burke's grandmother gently said as she took Rose's hands.

"Okay, Grandma," Rose replied with a smile.

She might as well take this opportunity to cheer herself up. Rose turned her head and looked out of the car. She noticed that both sides of the road were full of greeneries. When she looked up, the sky was clear and blue. Some clouds were surrounding the mountains. The view helped her feel less upset.

'Don't think about anything and stop worrying,' she told herself inwardly.

The manor was behind the hills. It was surrounded by trees and plants, and there was a big pond next to it. The sceneries were amazingly beautiful.

Burke's grandmother decided to stay in the two-story villa while Rose would be staying in the three-story villa beside it.

After everything was settled, Rose lay in her room, feeling sleepy.

In just a short while, she fell into a deep slumber and started to dream.

Golden yellow leaves were falling from the tree. There was a young man who always sat in the backyard, pursing his lips tightly. He seemed so depressed.

Then there was the sound of the piano in the autumn wind. It was so melodic and pleasing to the ears.

All of a sudden, a large pond appeared in front of her. It had just rained heavily, so the land beside the pond was muddy.

The young man in black fell to the pond and struggled to get out of the water. She rushed to the pond and jumped in to save him. With all her strength, she hugged him and swam towards the side of the pond.

The water rose up swiftly until it almost drowned them.

She felt so exhausted.

"Ahhh!" Rose screamed as she suddenly woke up. She covered her chest, gasping for air.

"Madam, is something wrong?" asked the servant outside the door while knocking. She rushed as soon as she heard Rose scream.

Rose took a deep breath and wiped the beads of sweat on her forehead.

"Nothing," she answered in a hoarse voice. Her throat felt dry and painful.

Her eyes caught sight of the pitcher on the bedside table, so she moved towards the side of the bed. Her hand was still trembling when she poured water into the glass, so most of the water spilled on the table.

She grabbed some tissues and wiped the table while tears streamed down her face.

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