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   Chapter 26 Pang

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He seemed to be startled by himself. Looking at his hand full of beer, he stood up and took some paper from the tissue box in the car and wiped his hands.

He returned to his old self after being stunned for a while.

"So, are you telling me that you have a contractual relationship with Rose?" Xavier asked slowly.

Burke glanced at him, tacitly approving.

"What, what...... You and my sister-in-law... " Xavier was tongue tied for a while, and his brain was in a mess.

"As I said before, our relationship is far more complicated than you have imagined."

After taking a look at the time on the LED screen and drank the last mouthful of beer, Burke turned to ask Xavier, who was still in shock, "Did you drive here?"

Xavier shook his head.

Burke threw the key to him and said sharply, "You can use my car. I'll ask my driver to drive you back later."

Burke got off the car immediately.

With a bang of the door closing, Xavier trembled all over.

In the ward, the smell of disinfectant fluid filled the air. Lying on the bed, Rose had fallen asleep.

On the little table by the bed, the empty lunch box had been cleaned and put into the plastic bag.

Burke sneaked into the room, closed the window and drew the curtain.

After that, he stood beside the bed in silence and looked at her for a while.

He suddenly realized that over a year since he married her, he had never seen her sleeping.

In the past, she wasn't there when he woke up every morning.

It was undeniable that she had always been a gentle and considerate wife.

She would get up an hour before he got up and prepare breakfast for him every morning. Every night, she would wait for him at home after he came back from work. She would prepare a full bathtub of hot water, adding his favorite fragrance and salt in it.

Even when he was busy until late at night, she would move a small lamp and stay with him, reading quietly.

Being born in a rich family, he had been accustomed to being served by others.

But when she thought about it, before the Lin Family went bankrupt, she was also a girl who lived an extravagant life.

She was even willing to cook for him with her own hands.

He had also proposed to hire a nanny, but she gently refused.

"I can take care of the house. There is no need to hire a nanny. Mr. Gu, no matter how rich the Gu Group is, save your money." She had said that to him in a lovely manner.

Before he met her, there had been several women by his side. They all tried their best to get benefits from him, but it was not like Rose who had tried to save money.

Standing there like that, he looked at her pale face and suddenly had a crash on her.

'Rose...' He said silently in his mind, sighing. He felt distressed, and in the same time, surrendered.

The next day, Rose was discharged from the hospital after recuperation. She went on vacation in the manor in the far suburbs with grandma.

The manor was located in the downtown area of the city, and it took them half an hour to get there. The house was purchased by Gu Family in early times, so everything was well prepar

ed and there was no need for Rose to buy anything else.

"Rosy, why do you look so pale today? Didn't you have a good rest last night?" Grandma looked at Rose worriedly.

"It's okay, grandma." Rose forced a smile and looked up.

"Did Burke bully you again?" The old lady said seriously.

"No, grandma. It has been fine between us..."

It reminded Rose that since Burke came to pick her up this morning, the tension between them had eased a lot. At least, they were getting along now.

It had been quite peaceful. Rose lowered her head and felt bitter in her heart.

After what happened to Amanda's mother, Rose had given up her hope on him.

She used to want to have a common, romantic life with him, just like an ordinary couple.

It was just her extravagant hope. There was someone in Burke's heart, and she couldn't squeeze in.

The only connection between them was that contract.

But she just couldn't understand why Burke didn't let her go when she asked for a divorce.

"Rosy, I brought you to the manor to help you forget all the unhappy things. Promise me, have a good time these days. Don't be sad any more, okay?"

Grandma took Rose's hand and said gently.

"Okay, grandma." Rose smiled gently.

Well, she might as well take this opportunity to cheer myself up. Rose turned her head and looked out of the car. Outside the car, there was green grass, blue sky and clear sky, with clouds and mists surrounding the mountains. She felt less upset.

'Don't think about it, and don't worry about it.'

The Gu's manor was behind the hills, next to which was a pool with excellent scenery.

Grandma lived in a two-story villa in the east of the manor, and Rose lived in a three-story villa beside grandma's villa.

After everything was settled down, Rose lay in her room, feeling sleepy.

Then she was drowsy and had a long and long dream.

In her dream, there were golden yellow leaves. The young man, who always sat in the yard and looked down through the window of the second floor, pursed the corners of his lips tightly, seeming depressed.

The autumn wind and the sound of the piano, all in the autumn sun, seemed so harmonious but not abrupt.

All of a sudden, a large pond appeared in front of her eyes. It had just rained heavily and the land beside the pond was muddy.

The young man in black struggled in the pond, and then she rushed to the pond and jumped into the pond. She hugged him and moved forward with all her strength.

The water of the pond went up and up and finally it reached to Lola's neck.

She was almost exhausted.

"Ah --" Rose woke up screaming and covered her chest, still suffering from the shock.

"What's wrong, madam?" A servant knocked on the door when he heard the noise.

Rose took a deep breath and wiped the sweat off her forehead.

"Nothing." She answered loud and found her throat dry and painful.

She stumbled down the bed, took up the kettle in the room and poured water into the glass. Her hand trembled slightly and the water spilt.

She grabbed some tissues and wiped the table. Suddenly, tears fell from her eyes.

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