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   Chapter 25 Truth

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"What do you mean?" Asked Burke.

"Nothing. I am just, "said Xavier, wiping the sweat on his face." I am just afraid that you will be partial to that Amanda. "

The look on Burke's face turned cold.

"Look, every time we talk about Amanda, we are in a bad mood." Xavier said with a bitter smile. "What's so good about her that makes you defend her like this. Do you really love her so much? "

"It's none of your business."

After Burke finished his words, he no longer spoke. Xavier snorted slightly, turned his head and drank silently.

A few minutes later, when Xavier thought that he could not get the answer of Burke, he finally heard him speak.

"Xavier, I don't Love Amy."

He was sure about the short message. After hearing that, Xavier turned to look at him in a daze.

"Everyone thinks that I love her, even you and Rose, but I know clearly that I don't love her at all." He looked straight ahead with an indifferent expression as if he was talking about something ordinary.

He might have tried to love her, but he couldn't.

He had always been clear headed and could not deceive himself.

"Then why do you protect her, provide her with food, shelter and pay off her mother's debt? "Xavier said the doubts in his heart, observing him with his eyes.

Burke took out a pack of cigarettes from the car drawer, his left hand groping in the drawer. After a while, he lifted his head and said to Xavier, "Help me lit up the cigarette?"

Xavier took out the lighter from his trouser pocket. The flame rose from the metal case with a click. In a slightly dark car, Burke was holding a cigarette between his fingers. He turned his head and saw the flame roll up the end of the cigarette. His face was cold.

He sat back on the seat and took a deep breath. The smoke rose before him and filled his eyes.

"Amy, she saved me before."

"What?" Xavier looked at him doubtfully.

"Do you remember that I have suffered from pneumonia and I have been to many hospitals. I have taken a lot of medicines and tried many ways to cure it. I had been weak and sick since I was a child. At that time, I just recovered from a serious illness, and my body was still weak. It's not proper to have a rest with so much noise in the big city. My father told the servant to take me to the farm in the countryside. "

"The time you went to Qinshan Town?" Asked Xavier. There was such a period in his memory, but not very clear.

Burke nodded, "Yes, that's it. The countryside is quiet, but it is inevitable to feel bored. I remember that when I was recuperating, the servant sent by my father do not allow me to go out. I was only allowed to take a walk in the small garden in the yard and bask in the sun. At that time, I really thought that I was a sick one. Sometimes, when I looked into the mirror and saw the person with pale face, I would think how long this person could live in the world."

As the cigarette was burning little by little, he continued, "At that time, I felt the world was dark and really gave up on myself."

Until one day, he found a broken short wall in the backyard of the house where he lived.

He found it accidentally. The wall was broken slightly because it had been repaired for a long time. It did not have soundproofing and could only block people's sight.

On the other side of the wall was another house. It was said to be a local's house.

The sound of piano often come to the villa. It was at half past two in the afternoon when the sun was at its warmest moment.

The melody of the piano was so beautiful, and it was the only comfort to him in his distressed world at that time.

He often asked the butler to prepare a blanket and chair for him in the backyard. He lied there under the blanket and was in no hurry to be the listener of the harp every afternoon.

Sometimes he though

t that the person who played the violin knew he was listening.

They sat on the other side of the wall and maintained silent understanding.

Later, he fell ill and stayed in the hospital for four days.

When he heard the music again, it was on the afternoon of the day he was discharged from the hospital. He insisted on running into the yard, regardless of the housekeeper's dissuasion.

The music was still playing. He was relieved.

"That day, I finally knew the person who played the piano was Amy."

The cigarette between his fingers was about to go out. He pressed the cigarette butt in his hand and spread it out. The palm of his hand was only slightly red.

It was as if he had returned to the autumn afternoon twelve years ago. The sound of the violin was melodious, and under the tall sycamore tree, his legs were covered by a blanket. As a gust of wind blew, the shadow of the tree swayed, and a leaf fell on his eyes and a dark green color was in front of him.

The music gradually stopped, and a soft female voice sounded behind them.

"Are you there?" She asked.

From then on, they became close and became close friends.

He had never seen her before, but he knew her name was Amy.

The name, Amy, was the only light in his grey world.

Time flied. His health gradually recovered and fled away when the servant wasn't looking at him.

There was a pool outside the house.

He once heard from her that she liked to go to the pool to play when she was free.

Then he kept it in mind and found the pool according to her description.

"But at that afternoon, things did not happen as I expected. I fell into the pond and almost drowned in there, but did not see Amy. That place is sparsely populated, and very few people pass by. After struggling in the water, I was already unconscious."

"And then?" Asked Xavier.

"When I woke up, it was two days in the Gu Family. I found I was still alive. The servant said it was a girl, called Amy, who saved me. "

He was then sent to his aunt's house abroad and came back one year later. His memory of that house and that pond became blurred. He could only remember Amy.

So he tried his best to find her and give her what she wanted.

"Do you think it's a little help that deserves return from the whole spring?" The sound of Xavier pulled Burke back to reality.

In silence, he reached out his hand from the shopping bag in the back seat and took out the beer that was bought by Xavier. Then he pulled the zipper and quickly raised his head to drink a mouthful.

"Xavier, I want to give her everything, but I find that I can't give her love. I can't lie to her, and I can't lie to myself either."

Xavier was silent, looking at Burke, and didn't know what to say.

After a long time, he cracked a joke and broke the ice. "Didn't you say you wouldn't drink? You said that you did not want some at the shop, but now you come to grab my share. How can you drive after you drink? "

As Burke raised his head and took another gulp of beer, he squinted at Xavier and said, "You should know that the driver of the Gu Group is always on call."

"Tut-tut, you capitalist! You guys are exploiting the flesh and blood of the people!" Said Xavier, shaking his head.

"You're welcome." "It's none of your business, okay?" Burke smiled lightly.

His smile quickly disappeared on his handsome face, and the alcohol began to spread from the stomach to all directions. He stared at his well wrapped right hand, which looked lonely and misty.

"We have a marriage by agreement." He said softly.

Her voice was so low that Xavier couldn't hear it clearly.


"I said I signed the contract to be in a relationship with Rose." He said.

Xavier squeezed the can hard in his hand. Half of the beer came out and wetted the carpet at his feet.

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