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   Chapter 24 Proven Innocent

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"That was different. Monk and his friends used to bully me quite often at that time. I was just lucky that you were always there to protect me. Otherwise, I would have been their victim many times," Xavier explained.

Monk was one of the boys who grew up with Xavier and Burke. But he was naughty. He was a playboy who always bullied Xavier, who looked like a girl.

"When we were kids, my parents were too busy with their work. They didn't have time for me. If it weren't for you, I would have felt neglected," Xavier added.

As the two of them reminisced on their childhood, the tension between them seemed to have eased. It swept away the misunderstanding between them that was caused by Burke's relationships with Rose and Amanda.

"Monk and the other kids used to call me 'little girl.' I felt so bad that after school, I didn't want to go home. So I wandered on the street every day with my school bag. Besides, my parents were on a mission in Xinjiang Province, and they had no time to stay at home. Only me and my nanny were left at home all the time. One time, it was already ten o'clock in the evening, but I wasn't home yet. My nanny got so worried that she called you to ask if you knew where I was. Then you went out to look for me without hesitation. Remember it?"

"Of course, I remember." Xavier's image in their childhood flashed in Burke's mind, and he couldn't help chuckling. "Well, it was actually not Monk's fault. You really looked like a timid little girl before."

He gave Xavier, who was devouring his beer, a meaningful look and added, "But you are different now."

Xavier knew that Burke was referring to the day when he went to Burke's office and asked about Rose's miscarriage. And this afternoon, he accompanied Rose to the warehouse and even sneered at Burke.

"Wait, I haven't finished yet," Xavier said and looked at Burke, who fell silent. "That time, nobody knew where I went except you. You went to the train station and found me curling up at the ticket counter. Without asking me anything, you took me home with your bike. Then the next day, you beat Monk and his friends. Since then, nobody dared to call me 'little girl' anymore. From that time, I told myself that I would always regard you as my brother."

Burke was still silent. The reason why he knew where to find Xavier at that time was that Xavier had always wanted to go to Xinjiang to find his parents.

Xavier had mentioned it to him casually one time, but he had kept it in mind.

Burke and Xavier belonged to the elites. They had to look bright and outstanding before everyone's eyes. But only they knew how much pain they had to go through to maintain such status in society.

Their parents were like a mother hawk teaching its eyas to fly. They were pushed to the edge of the cliff for them to learn how to fly on their own. Children like them, who were born from affluent families, had to go through much more difficulties than ordinary children.

They had stricter parents, and they were not given a chance to feel the warmth of their parents' love.

In short, their childhood was dull and boring.

Burke was older than Xavier, and he had experienced the things that Xavier was going through, so he understood Xavier's sentiments before.

Sometimes, he even thought that his cold nature was all because of the strict training and education that his parents gave him in his childhood.

It took away the warmth in him.

Just like the way he treated Rose before.

Xavier c

ontinued, "But do you know why I never called you brother? Because I didn't think it was proper as I am the eldest son of the Yang Family. Besides, my father also doesn't want me to do so. But I regard Rose as my sister-in-law because I think she is good enough for you, and she deserves to be regarded by me that way."

Burke rolled down the window and looked at the street lights not far away.

He then said, "Xavier, my relationship with Rose is far more complicated than you think."

Xavier shook his head and said, "I don't understand, but you are both telling me the same thing. When I visited Rose in the hospital last time, she also told me that. I don't know how complicated the relationship between a couple can be. But my grandmother always said that even if people live together for a long time, they still have differences. And that makes life colorful."

Burke fell silent again. Only the sound of Xavier gulping the beer could be heard inside the car.

After a while, Burke spoke up, "Don't drink too much. I won't send you back home."

"It's okay. I can sleep here," Xavier replied casually. He then asked, "By the way, any news about Amanda after what happened this afternoon?"

"Her mother was released after I paid the ransom. It was found out that her mother owed some gambling debts to the kidnappers. The police are investigating them now."

"You paid for the ransom?" Xavier asked.

Burke didn't reply.

Xavier sneered, "Well, what's so surprising? Obviously, Amanda can't afford to pay such an amount of money. If she hadn't met you, she might not even have decent meals every day. She has a better life now because of you."

"Xavier..." Burke interrupted unpleasantly.

"Okay, fine. I won't say anything against her again." Xavier touched his nose and continued, "But Burke, for how long are you going to support Amanda? Let me remind you, her mother is a gambling addict. She is like a bottomless pit. For me, it's not your obligation to fill that pit. I'm not agreeable to what you are doing, but I do not have the right to stop you."

"I have my own reason," Burke replied.

Xavier just shrugged. He then said, "By the way, I have one more question. What did the kidnapping have to do with Rose? Why would the kidnappers tell Amanda that if she couldn't pay the ten million ransom, she had to write a promise that she would stay away from you?" Xavier frowned and added, "Obviously, they were trying to frame Rose."

"I've already asked someone to look into that," Burke replied with a stern look on his face.

"By the way, do you have any idea who attacked Rose?" Xavier raised his head and took a gulp of his beer. He then said casually, "Before we went to the warehouse, Rose let me listen to the phone conversation she had recorded. When she was talking with Amanda at that time, a man named Rocky Chen intervened. If I were you, I would investigate that man. You might be surprised. I was not able to recognize that man either. If only Amanda didn't stop you, we could have caught him."

Burke frowned deeply. He understood what Xavier meant, but he didn't want to admit to himself that Amanda could do such a thing.

"Do you need help? I know a lot of capable people."

"No need. I don't want you to get involved in this matter. Let me handle this," Burke refused.

"No, Burke. It's not what you think. I'm just afraid that if you are the one to investigate it, Rose will not be proven innocent," Xavier said after thinking for a while.

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