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   Chapter 24 Innocence

Love Gets The Best Of Me By You Za Characters: 6325

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"It's not the same thing! Monk and his friends bullied me quite often at that time. If you did not protect me from that, I would have been the victim for many times.

Monk was one of the playboys, who grew up together with Burke and Xavier. He was a naughty man and always bullied Xavier who looked like a sissy-pants.

"My parents were busy with their work at that time. If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have been neglected." Xavier joked.

Speaking of the past, the tension between them was much relaxed, sweeping away the previous unhappiness caused by the relationship between Rose and Amanda.

"Do you remember that Monk and other kids in the courtyard named me 'little girl'? After school, I carried my schoolbag and wandered on the street every day, unwilling to go home. My parents were on a mission in Xinjiang, having no time to stay at home. So there was only one nanny at home. There was a time when it was 10 p.m., but I hadn't come back home yet. The nanny called you to ask if you know where I have been, and you went out to find me without saying a word. "

"Of course I remember." As he thought of Xavier at that time, he chuckled, "It's not their fault. You were like a timid little girl at that time, unlike now."

Burke looked meaningfully at Xavier, who was devouring his beer.

Xavier naturally knew what Burke referred to was the day he went to Burke's office and asked him about Rose's miscarriage. And this morning, he took Rose to the warehouse and sneered at him.

"I haven't finished my words just now," said Xavier, keeping silent, "That time, nobody knows where I went, except you. You went to the train station to take me who curled up at the ticket stop back, and took me home with your bike. You didn't ask or blame me for that. On the next day, you beat up Monk and his friends. Since then, nobody dares to laugh at me as 'little girl'. Sin

have my own discretion." Replied Burke.

"By the way, I have one more question. What does the kidnap have to do with my sister-in-law? Why should they write ten million ransom and otherwise ask Amanda to write some promise not to contact you? " Xavier frowned. "Obviously, they are trying to frame my sister-in-law."

"I've had someone look into it," he said, his face getting more and more serious

"By the way, do you know who attacked Rose that day?" Xavier raised his head and took a gulp of beer. Then he said casually, "The other day when I listened to the phone recorder of my sister-in-law, there was a man who said to be Rocky Chen. I think if you investigate him, you may be surprised. I couldn't figure it out anyway. Amanda could come to us sooner or later. But she just jumped out when we are about to catch that man."

Burke frowned deeply. He understood what Xavier meant, but Mandy... He had guessed in his mind, but he was unwilling to admit.

"Do you need any help? I know many people in the system. "

"Xavier, don't interfere in this matter. Let me." Burke refused.

"No, Burke, it's not like that. I'm afraid that if you go to investigate it, my sister-in-law will be proved innocent." Xavier said after thinking for a while.

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