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   Chapter 23 Kiss

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Burke's gentle voice echoed through the quiet ward on that cold night. Rose found it more difficult to stop herself from crying after hearing what he said.

The truth was, there was already an answer resounding in his mind. But he wasn't sure about it yet, so he couldn't say it out loud.

He lowered his head and kissed her forehead. His lips then moved down to her eyelashes that tasted salty with tears, her flushed cheeks, and finally to her soft pink lips.

Slowly, he licked her dry lips with his tongue, opened them, and kissed her more deeply.

Rose felt like her world was spinning. In an instant, she lost her mind. For a moment, she had forgotten about Amanda and the child she had lost. It was as if there was no one else in the world but she and Burke.

Perhaps she got too tired of running away and avoiding their situation. This time, she stopped wondering what was right and wrong, let go of her hatred and disappointments, and let him do anything he wanted.

They were in such an intimate moment when they suddenly heard a man cough behind them.

Burke slightly loosened his grip on Rose. Rose broke away from his arms and wiped her tears with the back of her hands. Her face was a little red. It might be because she had been crying for a long time, or she was embarrassed by the thought that Xavier had seen her and Burke in a romantic scene just now.

After tidying up his clothes, Burke raised his head and frowned at the unexpected visitor standing at the door. He then asked, "What are you doing here?"

Xavier was in a daze. Obviously, he couldn't believe what he had seen just now. He rubbed his eyes and shifted his gaze from Burke to Rose and vice versa.

He stammered, "Well, I... I drop by to check on Rose. I thought that she might have woken up at this time, so I brought her some food. Uh... Is my timing bad?" Xavier raised his hand and pointed at the bag of food in his hand. With an awkward smile on his face, he couldn't help scratching his head.

Burke cast him a cold glance that made him shiver.

He knew that he had ruined their moment. He should have walked out first when he saw them kissing. However, he was too shocked to think about it.

Now that he had realized, he said, "Well, I'll leave now. You two...continue what you were doing."

Rose, who was now lying on her bed, covered her face with her hands, trying to hide.

On the other hand, Burke didn't seem to care about whatever Xavier had witnessed. He even found her behavior amusing.

He wondered how could Rose, who had already been pregnant with his child, still felt so shy in front of Xavier. Besides, Xavier was not an outsider, but his best friend.

Burke gently touched his lips. He still felt the warmth of Rose's lips against his. He must admit, she could really make him lose his control.

The self-restraint that he had always been proud of disappeared in front of her.

Xavier had already turned around and took a few steps away when he suddenly turned back. He put the bag of food on the table carefully and said, "Well... I've bought this for Rose, so I'll just leave it here. Rose, drink the chicken soup. It's good for your health. I'll go ahead now. Bye."

"Xavier, wait." Burke stopped him at once. "I have something to buy, so I'll go with you downstairs."

"What?" Xavier looked at him confusedly. "Won't you stay with Rose a little longer?"

Burke knew that Xavier was teasing him. He just ignored it, took the bag from the table, and opened it. He put the food on the bedside table and said in a low voice, "You eat first while I go to the convenience store to buy paper cups and hot water. Do you need anything else?"

As she stared at the steaming chicken soup beside her bed, Rose subconsciously slobbered and shook her head.

It was only then that she realized that she was hungry.

"Okay, sweetie. Just wait for me."

Rose looked at Burke's face blankly.

She was rendered speechless by the endearment he just used on her.

Xavier also gave Burke a strange look.

Burke thought that he was already numb to everything. But when he felt Xavier's eyes on him, he still felt a little uncomfortable.

He walked out of the ward, and Xavier followed him at once.

"Burke, are you sick today?" Xavier asked when they were in the convenience store. He walked over to Burke and was about to place his hand on Burke's forehead. But upon seeing Burke's cold and expressionless face, he slapped his thigh instead and cried, "Oh, my! I really thought you have gone out of your mind. You're so different."

Burke just ignored Xavier and focused on choosing some goods on the shelf.

"Okay, sweetie. Just wait for me." Xavier vividly imitated the way Burke looked and said those words just now.

He always had the impression that the icy Burke never had a gentle side.

The way Burke behaved in front of Rose sent a chill down his spine.

"If I'm not mistaken, everyone in your workplace is quite busy right now. Instead of wasting your time teasing me, why don't you just go there and work?" Burke snapped as he threw a pack of paper cups into the shopping cart being pushed by Xavier.

"Yes, I'm really busy recently. But you know that I can put aside any work if there's anything that concerns Rose."

"You are making me think that you are coveting my wife," Burke commented.

"Well, maybe if I had met her before you..." Xavier replied, a half-truth. "But since you've married her, she will just be my best friend's wife for the rest of my life."

Burke paused for a few seconds, cast a glance at him, and turned around without saying anything.

Xavier stopped at the wine section and picked out a few cans of beer from the shelves.

He then looked at his watch and said, "It's still early. Let's have a drink in my car."

Burke looked at the cans of beer in the cart. "Rose is waiting for me."

"Come on, Mr. Gu. I won't take much of your time. We are both busy with our work. We rarely have a chance to sit down and chat. Besides, I don't think Rose can have a good rest with you around. Let her be alone for now," Xavier said, giving him a sullen glance.

With a poker face, Burke picked up two cans of beer from the cart and put them back on the shelf. "You can drink the beer, but I won't."

He picked a few bottles of drinks from another shelf, tossed them into the cart, and said, "I'll just have these. Besides, one of us has to drive. We can't both have alcohol."

Xavier couldn't help but smile upon hearing Burke's words. The dimples on his cheeks appeared, making him look younger.

Actually, he had a face that was very popular among young girls. His fair skin looked so delicate, and his eyes were like black grapes. One could say that he was so beautiful.

Fortunately, he had dashing eyebrows that gave him a more valiant look. Somehow, it made him look less feminine.

But the dimples on his face that he couldn't hide made his father feel distressed. The Yang Family had been in politics for many years. And what was needed in politics was someone with a stern appearance.

Xavier's beautiful face always made people think that he was not a serious person, especially when handling tasks.

So his father never failed to remind him not to smile or laugh when at work.

That was why every time he was in his office, he had to put on an expressionless face.

"When I was a kid, I watched cartoons, and I loved those strong and tall superheroes so much. I often imagined that I was also like them. I didn't expect that I would grow up like this. Why do I need to have this feminine look?" Xavier complained as he sat on the passenger's seat, opening a can of beer.

"Well, I remember that when you were still a student, you used to receive lots of love letters because of that 'beautiful' face. And you never complained about it. You were even so excited that you carried all those love letters with you and showed off to Monk and other people," Burke commented ruthlessly.

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