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   Chapter 22 Break My Own Rules

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"The kidnappers let her go. I paid the ransom, so they released her," Burke explained.

"Did you find out who those people are?"

Burke nodded. "Amy's mother is a gambling addict, so she has a lot of gambling debts. One of the groups she owes money to has taken her away to force her family to pay her debts."

Rose frowned. If Janice's kidnapping had something to do with her gambling addiction, then it made sense that Amanda had never dared to call the police.

But those people had nothing to do with her. Why would they give Amanda the option to either pay the ten million dollars ransom or leave Burke?

Then during Amanda's last phone call to her, a man named Rocky Chen appeared in the scene. But when she and Xavier arrived at the warehouse, there were only Burke and Amanda. And obviously, Burke also had just arrived at that time.

Moreover, there was that man in a mask hiding in the dark and trying to hurt her. She wasn't sure if he was one of the kidnappers or he was Rocky Chen.

The more Rose thought about those things, the more annoyed she became.

Burke noticed the creases on her forehead, so he said, "Have a good rest first. You fainted this afternoon because of mental fatigue. So stop thinking too much. Leave everything to me."

"Are you sure it's okay to leave everything to you?"

Rose asked in a calm tone, her eyes on the floor.

But the distrust in her voice made Burke's body stiffen all over.

She still doubted him. But could he blame her? After all, he was the one who made her feel suspected in the first place.

And he wasn't there for her these past few days. He was on a business trip. The difficulties that the Gu Group had encountered were beyond his expectation. So he had to spend more time and energy dealing with them.

After he sorted things out in the company, he planned to talk to her and settle everything between them.

Rose was his wife, and he didn't want their marriage to be a failure. Although their marriage was only based on a contract, he thought of making it real.

His business trip was somehow beneficial. It gave both of them time and space to calm down and think.

But he didn't expect that he would receive a call from Amanda the day before his flight back. Since it was the last day of his business trip, he was very busy.

Amanda couldn't stop crying on the phone. She was insisting that Rose kidnap her mother.

Since it was something that concerned Rose and Amanda, he had to come back sooner to deal with it.

Burke was still lost in thought when Rose suddenly spoke up, "Actually, Amanda called me during the family lunch and threatened me with my father. I called you to let you know about it, but your phone was off." Rose reached out for her bag on the bedside table and took out her phone. First, she opened the threat message she received and showed it to him.

Then she said, "I have recorded my conversation with Amanda. If

you don't believe me, you can listen to it."

Burke stared at the text message for a long time before he replied, "No need for that."

"Are you sure?" Rose took her phone back and added, "How can you trust me just like that? Isn't it too hasty?"

He knew that she was mocking him.

Burke took a deep breath to calm himself down. He then said, "When you called me, I was on the plane. I was about to call you back when I got off, but I suddenly received a call from Amy. She didn't tell me the details. She just said that if I didn't go there, her mother would be in danger. Amy came from a poor family, and her mother is the only family she has. She needed my help to save her mother, so I had no choice but to go to the reservoir."

"Done?" Rose asked softly.

Burke looked at her, not knowing what to say.

"She came from a poor family. And how about me?" She got angrier upon hearing his words. Her voice choked when she spoke again, "My father is the only family I have too! I've lost my baby because of her. And I was kind enough not to get back at her. But still, you two didn't let me off. You've even suspected me. You took advantage of me. Burke... Don't you even feel guilty?" Rose was so angry that she pulled the hypodermic needle on her hand.

She then threw the pillow behind her to Burke, who was still standing in front of her.

Burke picked up the pillow, walked over to her, and held her in his arms quietly. She was on the verge of breaking down.

Rose tried hard to break free from his embrace, but he held her even tighter until the wound in his hand bled. He felt a sharp pain, but he didn't mind it.

"Rose, my heart also broke when you had a miscarriage." He took her hand to his chest and added, "I also felt pain here. It was my baby too."

She suddenly burst into tears and hit him on the chest.

"Burke, have you ever thought about the possibility that I might be in danger when you asked me to go there?"

It was already nine o'clock in the evening.

The inpatient department was very quiet, so Rose's voice echoed in the ward.

Burke just hugged her and buried his handsome face in her hair.

After a while, he replied, "Yes. But I was also there. I would never let anyone hurt you."

"But why?" Rose asked.

She wanted to ask Burke why he was saying these words to her now when she was so disappointed in him.

"I don't know...Rose, I don't know either." He closed his eyes and smelled the scent of her hair. It made him feel at ease and comfortable.

His exhaustion from the long journey and the troubles they had experienced today seemed all gone.

It felt like having her in his arms made his world peaceful and quiet.

And his heart, which had been dangling for a long time, was finally in place.

Having her in his arms felt so right, so good. There was nothing else in his mind but her.

"I don't know why, Rose. But I always break my own rules for you."

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