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   Chapter 21 Bleeding

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"Amanda Zhao!" Rose exclaimed. Indeed, Amanda was good at acting. Despite being a wild beast, she was able to make herself look like a pitiful deer in front of Burke. Rose calmed herself down and continued, "Whether you believe it or not, I don't know anything about your mother. Whatever happened to her has nothing to do with me."

As she spoke, she caught a glimpse of Burke, who was still standing in front of her. When she saw that he looked so lost, the corners of her mouth slightly turned up.

Rose wanted to leave the place immediately. She felt sick seeing the faces of these two people in front of her. Burke was her husband, but he didn't trust her even a bit. Amanda was a homewrecker who slandered her for no reason.

She cast Burke a last glance before she turned around and said, "Xavier, let's get out of here."

But before she could even take a step forward, a black figure rushed out from the corner at a fast speed. Then she saw a white light flashed when a sharp knife was slashed in front of her. She reflexively covered her face and crouched down.

Rose was stunned when she felt that she was pulled away by a great force. The next second, she found herself in a muscular embrace.

Everything happened so fast that no one was able to react except Burke.

When Rose opened her eyes, she saw his face so close to hers.

He was holding her tightly with his one arm, and held the blade in the other hand. When Amanda saw a red liquid oozing from his hand, she suddenly screamed, "Oh, my God! Burke, your hand is bleeding!"

Finally, Xavier reacted and kicked the man who attacked Rose at once. The man groaned in pain and retreated a few steps. The knife in his hand fell to the ground. When Burke saw it, he immediately kicked it away.

The man's gaze followed the direction of the knife. But when he was about to grab it, Xavier rushed to him and started a brawl with him.

Although Xavier was tall, he had a pale face that made him look weak on the outside. But when he took off his clothes, inside were firm and well-defined muscles. He served in the military before, so he was able to have some training. However, his opponent, whose face was tightly covered with a mask and a hat, was also agile.

They were in a deserted warehouse, and there was some abandoned equipment scattered in the place. Since it was Xavier's first time to be there, he was not familiar with the surroundings. Gradually, he fell behind.

Burke lifted the frightened Rose and put her down in a plastic chair. He then rushed over and helped Xavier.

Dealing with two opponents, the man started to lose his strength bit by bit. Right now, he was no longer flexible to dodge.

Burke raised his left hand and punched the man in the vital part of his body. The man fell to the ground and arched up in severe pain.

When he was about to give the man a second punch, Amanda suddenly rushed to him and blocked his way.

"Burke, stop it! That's enough!"

Burke's hand froze in midair as he looked at Amanda sullenly.

"Amy, what are you doing?" he growled.

While he was in a daze, the man took the opportunity to stand up and stumble out. Burke noticed that the man was running away, so he shouted to Xavier, who was beside him, "Xavier, don't let him go!" As soon as Xavier heard Burke's shout, he ran after the man.

"Burke, I... I just don't want you to be in danger," Amanda said, her face as pale as a sheet. She held his arm and added, "Are you okay? Your hand is still bleeding. Let me help you clean your wound."

"Thanks, but I'm okay." Burke knitted his eyebrows and gave Amanda an inquiring look. He couldn't hide the suspicion in his eyes.

Seeing the way Burke looked at her, Amanda suddenly felt nervous. She turned her eyes away to avoid meeting his gaze. "I had to stop you from beating that man because I was afraid that your life would be in danger. Criminals like him are crazy. I don't know what he can do to you. Besides, I'm sure that he is one of those who kidnapped my mother. If you hurt him, I'm afraid that..."

"We've almost caught him just now. If he is with us, we can use him to bargain with the kidnappers, right?" Xavier said coldly as he walked towards Burke and Amanda. His gaze shifted from Amanda, who was still trembling with fear, to Burke, whose hand was still bleeding. He then cursed, "Damn it! We've beaten that man so hard, but he was still able to escape."

With a stern look on his face, Burke turned his head and looked in Rose's direction. He walked over to her, pulled Xavier's coat away, and threw it back to Xavier.

He didn't want her to wear another man's clothes.

"Damn! Can't you throw it gently? This coat is so expensive," Xavier complained.

With a straight face, Burke took off his coat and covered Rose.

His right hand was still bleeding because of the two deep cuts. Blood oozing from it fell to the ground and formed a small red pool that looked horrifying.

Finally, Rose, who slumped against

the wall, spoke up, "Can I leave now?" Her voice sounded so weak.

When she lowered her head, her eyes caught sight of Burke's bleeding hand.

Then she suddenly remembered, he had saved her without hesitation just now.

She didn't want to admit, but it made her think that he also cared for her. However, there was still a trace of bitterness in her heart because of what happened earlier.

"Yes, you'd better leave now," Burke agreed. He then turned to Xavier and said, "Take Rose with you. Take good care of her."

"But Burke, how about my mother? Please... she hasn't been released yet," Amanda begged, holding his arm tightly.

"I've already transferred ten million to that account. If that's what they really need, they will release your mother. If not, let's wait for them to contact you again, and we'll find another way." He pushed Amanda's hand away and said in a stern tone, "Rose has nothing to do with what happened to your mother. Because if it's true that she knows the kidnappers, that man shouldn't have hurt her but you. You know, you were standing the nearest to that man just now, but he didn't touch you."

Amanda withdrew her hand. She wanted to retort but chose not to.

She was smart enough to know his character.

Silence was the last thing that would annoy him.

Xavier gave Amanda a sour look before he walked up to Rose. "Rose, let's go," he said as he helped her stand up.

Rose reached out for Xavier's arm and tried to stand up. But all of a sudden, she felt like the world was spinning, and darkness overwhelmed her. She lost her consciousness.

When Rose woke up, she was already lying on a hospital bed. She looked around and felt the ward looked familiar. Perhaps she was in the same hospital when she had a miscarriage.

Beside her bed was a pole where an intravenous bag was hung. The other end of the long narrow tube from it was connected to the hypodermic needle that was injected on the back of her hand. She stared at the fluid dripping from the bag blankly.

After a short while, the door of the ward was lightly opened, and a man came in.

"Are you awake?" She didn't need to look to see who the owner of the cold voice was.

"Yes," she replied in a low voice, biting her lower lip.

She subconsciously looked at his right hand. It was already bandaged.

Then there was a long silence inside the ward.

"Are you hungry? I'll go buy some food for you. What do you want to eat?" Burke asked, breaking the silence.

"No, thanks." As she spoke, her voice sounded hoarse, and she felt that her throat was so dry.

Burke had noticed it too.

So he turned around to get some water for her. However, he found out that all the disposable cups were already used up.

Since Rose suddenly fainted, she was put in a temporary ward where there was only some basic stuff. He felt that it wasn't that convenient.

Watching Burke, Rose couldn't help but frown. Finally, Burke grabbed a bottle of water from the table, turned back to her, and said, "We have used up all the cups. Just drink from the bottle for now. I'll get you some hot water for you later."

"No, thanks."

Burke didn't mind her intentional refusal. When he noticed that she was trying to prop up herself against the bed, he hastily put a pillow behind her back, so she could sit upright comfortably.

Rose didn't refuse this time.

He did his best to make her feel comfortable despite his aching right hand that was a bit stiff and clumsy.

"You've been unconscious for a few hours. According to the doctor, it's because of mental fatigue. Plus, your blood is still low because of your miscarriage. But don't worry. I let the doctor check you thoroughly. There is nothing serious." He repeated the doctor's words as if trying to comfort her and himself as well.

Earlier, when Burke drove Rose to the hospital, he passed through several red lights.

Every time his car stopped, he took the opportunity to look at her, who was still unconscious in his arms. Then something came to his mind.

If anything happened to her, he would never forgive himself for the rest of his life.

He boasted about his calmness and self-restraint. But unexpectedly, she had made him forget all those.

Burke then pulled out a chair and sat beside her bed. He picked up the bottle of water again and wrapped it with his uninjured left hand. When he felt that it got a little warm, he opened the bottle and put it in Rose's mouth.

"Here, drink this," he said.

Rose didn't refuse anymore as her throat really felt dry now. She took the bottle from him and drank half of its content.

When she returned the bottle to him, he put back the cap and placed it on her bedside.

"I'll go buy some paper cups and hot water." Burke stood up and walked to the door.

But his steps halted when Rose suddenly spoke up, "Have you found Amanda's mother?"

He turned around and answered, "Yes."

Rose raised her eyebrows and asked again, "How did you find her?"

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