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   Chapter 21 Blooding

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"Amanda Zhao," Looking at the delicate woman who used to be like a wild beast now with her hair scattered on the ground, Rose tried to calm down, "I don't know about your mother, nor do I take part in her business. Believe it or not."

As soon as she finished her words, Rose caught a glimpse of Burke who was standing in front of her with a lost look. The corners of her mouth slightly turned up.

She didn't want to stay here any longer, since her husband did not trust her and the home wrecker slandered her for no reason.

"Xavier, let's get out of here." Said Rose. She turned around and was about to leave after casting a last glance at Burke.

A black figure rushed out from the corner at a fast speed. Before Rose could react, she saw a white light flash in front of her and the sharp blade slashed at her. She covered her face reflexively and crouched down.

She was pulled away by a great force, and fell into a strong embrace the next second.

Everything happened too fast, and there was no time for everyone to react, except for Burke.

Rose opened her eyes and saw that Burke's face was very close to hers. He held her in one hand and held the blade in the other hand tightly.

"Burke! Your hand is bleeding! " Amanda screamed.

At the same time, Xavier reacted and kicked the man. The man groaned and retreated a few steps. The knife fell to the ground. And Burke kicked the knife away.

The man stood up and wanted to take the knife again. Xavier rushed forward and started the fight with him.

Xavier used to serve in the army. He was strong and tall, with a short and pale face. But when he took off his clothes, he still looked strong and muscular. The man who fought against him wore a hat and a mask, and his face was covered tightly. He was agile in fighting.

After all, this was a warehouse, and there were many abandoned equipments scattered in the air. Xavier was not familiar with the layout of this warehouse, and gradually fell behind.

Burke lifted the frightened Rose to a plastic seat and quickly turned to participate in the fight.

Two versus one, the masked man gradually lost his strength, and it was no longer so flexible to dodge.

Burke raised his left fist and punched the man in the vital part of his body. The man fell to the ground and arched up, which was extremely painful.

When he was about to give his second punch, Amanda suddenly rushed to him and blocked his way.

"Okay, stop it, Burke!"

Burke stopped his hand in time and looked sullen.

"Amy, what are you doing?" Burke growled.

While he was in a daze, the man had got up from the ground and stumbled out. Xavier had stopped beside him. When he saw that man wanted to run away, he shouted, "Do not let him go!" As soon as he shouted, he ran after that man.

"I...I don't want you to be in danger." Said Amanda, her face as white as a sheet. She held his arm and added, "Are you feeling better now? So much blood! Let me help you dress your wound. "

"No, thanks." Burke looked at her with deep frowned eyebrows, his eyes full of inquiry and suspicion.

Amanda suddenly felt nervous. She turned her eyes to avoid Burke's sight and said, "The reason why I didn't let you beat that man is that I was afraid that you would be in danger. This kind of desperadoes is really crazy and I don't know what they would do to you. What's more, he is very likely to be the accomplice of the group who kidnapped my mother. If you hurt him, my mother is still there with them. I'm afraid, I'm afraid that... "

"We almost caught him just now. If we catch him, we can exchange him for saving your mother, right?" Xavier walked in with a cold face and glanced at Amanda who was scared and trembling. He cursed quietly, "Damn it! That guy has been beaten so hard by us. Did not think that he's able to run away."

With a serious look, Burke turned his head and took a look at Rose, who was slumped to the side. He walked over, pulled Xavier's coat covering her and threw it back to Xavier.

He did not want her to wear other man's cloth.

"Damn, throw it away gently. It's too expensive." Xavier swore.

With a straight face, Burke took off his coat and covered it over her.

His right han

d was still bleeding, and two deep wounds appeared. The blood fell on the ground and condensed into a pool, which looked horrific.

"Can I leave now?" Rose said in a faint voice.

She lowered her neck slightly and her sight fell on his injured hand.

Just now, he had saved her without any hesitation.

She didn't want to admit it, and she thought she was desperate, but there was still a trace of bitter sweetness in her heart.

"You can leave now." He turned to Xavier and said, "take Lin Ruan away and take good care of her."

"But, bro, please! My mom hasn't been saved yet..." Amanda begged, holding Burke's arm tightly.

"I just transferred ten million to that account. If they believed it, your mother would have been released. If you don't trust me, we'll find another way. " He pushed Amanda's hand away and said in a serious tone, "it wasn't Lin Ruan who sent the kidnappers to kidnap your mother. Otherwise, if they were his accomplices, he wouldn't have hurt Lin Ruan, not you. You know, you were standing the nearest to that man just now. "

Amanda lowered her hand and wanted to retort, but she didn't do that.

She was a smart woman and knew Burke's character.

Silence was the least thing that would annoy him.

"Rose, let's go." Xavier gave Amanda a sour look and walked to help Rose up.

Rose reached out and tried to stand up with the strength of Xavier. Suddenly, her sight blurred and she fell forward, losing her consciousness.

It hadn't been too long. But it had been the second time that Rose got into the hospital.

On the other side of the bed, the drip bottle was hung on the floor. Rose stared blankly at the dripping liquid.

The door was opened lightly and a man came in.

"Are you awake?" She didn't need to see who the cold voice belonged to.


Biting her lips, Rose answered in a low voice. She looked at his right hand, which had been bandaged.

Both of them fell into silence.

"Do you want to eat something? I'll go buy some."

"No, thanks." As she opened her mouth to speak, she found her voice hoarse and her throat dry.

Of course, Burke had noticed it as well.

He turned around to get some water, only to find that the disposable paper cups were used up.

Since Rose fainted suddenly, there was only a temporal ward for her, where was only equipped with basic stuffs.

Rose frowned slightly. Burke grabbed the bottle of water on the table, turned around and said to her, "We have used up the cups. You can drink some bottle water now. I'll get you some hot water later."

"No, thanks."

He ignored her refuse, helped her up, put a pillow behind her back, and let her sit on the head of the bed.

Rose was silent and obedient.

His right hand was a bit stiff and clumsy because of the injury.

"You have been in a coma for a few hours, which was due to the blood deficiency after the miscarriage and the mental stimulation. All has been checked. There is nothing serious. Don't worry. " He repeated the doctor's words and seemed to comfort her and himself as well.

When he carried her to the car, he drove through several red lights all the way.

At that time, when he looked at the little woman who had lost consciousness in his arms, an idea suddenly came into his mind.

If anything happened to her, he would never forgive himself for the rest of his life.

He boasted of his calmness and self-restraint, and unexpectedly made an exception for the sake of her.

Burke pulled out a chair and sat on the edge of her bed to get the bottle water. Wrapped in the bottle with his uninjured left hand, he covered it for a while until it got warm. Then he opened the bottle lid and put the bottle to her mouth.

"Drink it." He said.

Rose stopped refusing. She was really thirsty. She took his hand and drank half a bottle of water.

He looked at her drinking the water in silence, twisting the mineral water, and placed it on her bedside.

"I'm going to buy some paper cups and I'll get you some hot water when I come back." After saying that, he stood up.

"Have you found Amanda's mother?" Rose asked, looking at his back.

He stopped, turned around and said, "Yes."

"How did you find her?"

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