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   Chapter 20 Suspicion

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Xavier and Liu both drove fast, so they reached the reservoir in less than thirty minutes. Rose felt a little nervous. Unfortunately, she left her coat in the Gu Family's villa earlier when she had lunch there. So when she got out of the car, she couldn't help but shudder when the cold afternoon wind touched her skin.

It didn't escape Xavier's sharp eyes, so he took off his coat and wrapped it around her shoulders.

"Thank you," she said with a faint smile. She didn't refuse Xavier's kindness. At this moment, she was too exhausted to think about other things.

The warehouses behind the reservoir were located in a desolate part of the suburb. They used to belong to a plastic factory. But later on, the government decided to gradually move it to a different place, so the warehouses here were left deserted.

The land was extremely muddy and bumpy. Since Rose was wearing high heels, she needed to be more careful not to trip off.

Xavier turned to Rose's car. He bent over to the lowered window and said to Liu, "Wait for us here. But if we don't come out in thirty minutes, immediately call the police."

"Okay, Mr. Yang." Liu nodded his head without asking any questions. He knew that in situations like this, it would be much helpful to talk less and act more.

"Rose, let's get inside. I'll go ahead and just follow behind me, okay?" Xavier then said to Rose. But he noticed that her attention was not on him. Her eyes were fixed on the black car beside the gate of a warehouse.

"Rose, what's wrong?" When he followed her gaze, he immediately knew why she was stunned.

The black car was Burke's.

'Is Burke here? He is supposed to be on a business trip and will be back tomorrow, isn't he?' Xavier thought inwardly. A bitter smile appeared on Rose's lips. As she expected, Burke would do everything for his "Amy."

If someone would ask her right now, what was something she regretted the most? She would answer without hesitation, "Marrying Burke."

Marrying a man who didn't love her at all was the most pathetic thing she had ever done.

Xavier pulled the rusty iron gate open and got in. Rose followed behind him. When he looked ahead and saw the scene in front of him, he was stunned at once.

In the middle of the huge deserted warehouse, Amanda lay in Burke's arms. Her hair was in disarray, and her face was stained with tears. Burke had obviously just gotten off the plane as he was still wearing the suit that he often wore at work. He was hugging Amanda and patting her back while consoling her in a soft voice.

Rose was also rooted to the spot. She had never seen such tenderness on Burke's face before.

She felt like her sudden arrival had disturbed such a romantic and touching scene. Should she blame herself for coming at the wrong timing? She clenched her fists, and her lips curved into a self-mocking smile.

Finally, Burke noticed that there were eyes watching them. When he looked up, a hint of surprise flashed across his eyes upon seeing Xavier. But it instantly vanished as he asked calmly,

"Xavier, what are you doing here?"

"I'm here to protect Rose. If I didn't come with her, she would definitely be bullied by you," Xavier replied mock


Ever since they were small, he had never spoken to Burke in such a tone. But now, he was extremely angry.

"Burke, I have always regarded you as my older brother. I respect you so much. I didn't expect you to..." Xavier pointed at Amanda not far away and closed his eyes, restraining himself from continuing his words.

"Xavier, you'd better know the truth first before you say something." Burke stood up and strode towards Rose, who was behind Xavier. He stood in front of her and directly asked,

"Did you hire those people to abduct Amy's mother?"

He was way taller than Rose, so he had to look down while talking to her. His eyes were full of accusations,

and his tone was so serious.

Rose looked up and met his eyes. After a moment of silence, she asked, "Are you suspecting me?"

The disappointment and pain in her eyes and the condemnation in her voice shocked Burke.

Was he really suspecting her?

He knew that the answer was a big no.

Rose was his wife. The woman he had married in front of the priest.

And living with her under the same roof for more than half a year was enough for him to know her well.

Rose was a calm and kind woman. She was the type of person who could never hurt anyone, let alone kidnap Amanda's mother to threaten her.

Besides, he knew that she was so desperate to divorce him now. Why would she do something to force Amanda to leave him?

A feeling of depression surged up in Burke's heart when he thought of Rose's plan to divorce him secretly.

"Here's a text message from the kidnappers. Do you want to see it?"

Burke took out a phone from the pocket of his suit. Rose knew that it was Amanda's phone.

He held the phone in front of her and showed the threat message on the screen.

"If you want to take your mother back, come to the warehouse behind the reservoir, building number 285, at three o'clock tomorrow afternoon. If you can't give me the ten million in cash, make sure that you break up with Burke and write a letter stating that you will never see him again."

"So, because of this message, you already think it was me?" Rose asked, looking at Burke's eyes again.

"And how about this?" Burke kicked a black wooden box beside him towards Rose.

Rose hesitated for a moment. But eventually, she squatted down and opened the box. After seeing what was inside, she screamed, "Ahhh!" She stepped back and sat on the ground.

"Rose, what's wrong?" Xavier helped her up. With a frown, he turned and glanced at the thing inside the black wooden box.

It was a bloody finger wearing a platinum ring.

"That box was put in front of Amy's apartment door. She has confirmed that the platinum ring on that finger is her mother's," Burke said in a low voice.

"And so? You think Rose did it?" Xavier asked.

"Who else? She's the only person who hates me so much. She has gone crazy over Burke that she even hurt my family," Amanda chimed in as she stood up and pointed at Rose. With a pitiful look on her face, she staggered beside Burke and added, "Rose, my mother is the only family I have. Please stop hurting her. If you really hate me that much, you can do anything to me. Just please, spare my mother."

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