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   Chapter 19 The Risk

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Rose took the document from Xavier. And when she opened it, an old family photo came into her sight.

There were three people in the photo, standing side by side in front of a worn-out mud wall.

A middle-aged man stood in the middle. On his right was a chubby middle-aged woman and on his left was a girl in a white school uniform. If Rose was not mistaken, the girl was about fifteen years old. The middle-aged man was smiling with his arm around the middle-aged woman, who was also smiling. The girl, on the other hand, looked so dull.

Rose soon realized that the girl was Amanda.

The chubby woman looked a bit like Amanda, so she surmised that it must be her mother.

Pointing at the man in the picture, she asked Xavier, "Is this man Amanda's father?"

Xavier shot a glance along the direction of Rose's finger and replied, "No." He sat down and continued, "That's her stepfather."

"No wonder they don't look like a real family," Rose mumbled.

"Amanda's father went missing before she was born. Then her mother, who is a gambling addict, ran away with another man after giving birth to her. She lived with her elderly grandaunt in a remote village. But when she was seven years old, her grandaunt died, and she became an orphan. When the police conducted a raid in one of the gambling places, Janice Chen, Amanda's mother, was one of those who got arrested. And when she was released from prison, she was sent back to her hometown. There, she had to face the criticisms of the public, so she had no other choice but to take care of Amanda again," Xavier explained.

"So Amanda's mother brought her to Evergreen Town?" When she saw the name of the place in the document, Rose's eyes slightly twinkled.

The place was memorable to her because it was where she first met Burke when she was still a child.

At that time, she went there to escape the summer heat while Burke went there to take a break.

Rose suddenly remembered that during the family lunch last month, Amanda claimed that she had known Burke for ten years. With her family background, it was obviously not easy for her to know him. Perhaps they had met in Evergreen Town.

"Yes, Amanda's mother brought her to Evergreen Town because her mother's lover, Lucas Chen, ran a repair shop there. In the beginning, the repair shop was earning some money, more than enough to support their lives. So Amanda and her mother depended on the repair shop's income." When Xavier took a glance at the document in Rose's hand, his eyes fell on the man in the photo for a moment. He then said disdainfully, "I really hate talking about that man."

"Why? What's wrong with him?" Rose asked as she raised her head and gave Xavier a questioning look.

"Rose, don't you wonder why I have this document?"

Rose was stunned upon hearing Xavier's question. From what she knew, he was working in a government agency, and he didn't have much opportunity to have contact with Amanda. As a matter of fact, the only connection between them was Burke. Xavier paid attention to Amanda only after Rose's miscarriage. But the document in her hand right now was dated back seven years ago.

"Well. Xavier, you knew Amanda before?"

"Personally, no. But I got this document from a senior. He was investigating a difficult case seven years ago," Xavier replied. He hesitated for a few seconds before he continued, "It's a case against the stepfather who sexually assaulted the daughter."

Rose gaped at Xavier upon hearing his words.

"Amanda?" she said in almost a whisper.

"Did it surprise you?" Xavier tossed the water bottle to the trash can beside him. Then with a stern look on his face, he continued, "This case caused a sensation. But the information about the victim was suppressed to protect her because Amanda was only seventeen years old at that time. She was still a minor."

"What happened then?" Rose's curiosity was aroused.

"It was hard to win the case at first because there was not enough evidence. Janice Chen tried to protect her husband, so she hid all the evidence. But as the tr

ials went on, she finally gave in and submitted the evidence to the court. Eventually, Lucas Chen was sentenced to ten years of imprisonment."

"Her mother..." Rose was too stunned to continue.

"Rose, a gambling addict has a different perspective from a normal person," Xavier said casually.

Rose went back to the document. As her eyes scanned the information in there, she stopped at the part where Lucas Chen's family members were listed. She saw a familiar name - Rocky Chen.

She then asked, "Is this Rocky Chen, the son of Lucas Chen?"

"Yes. He is Amanda's stepbrother."

Rose froze. The man who talked to her on the phone just now was Amanda's stepbrother.

She was still lost in thought when her phone inside her bag suddenly buzzed. She glanced at the wall clock. It was half-past two.

Her phone didn't stop vibrating.

"Go ahead, answer it. Let's see what they are going to do this time," Xavier said calmly.

Rose took out her phone from her bag and answered it without checking who the caller was.

Much to her surprise, the voice from the other end of the line was not Amanda's nor Rocky Chen's.

It was a cold voice that she was very familiar with.

"Let the driver take you to the warehouse behind the reservoir. Hurry up."

Burke's instruction was short and concise.

Before Rose could even say a word, he already hung up.

Looking at Rose's pale face, Xavier frowned and asked, "What did they say?"

She shook her head and stared at the screen of her phone. It was only then that she realized that the caller was Burke.

"I didn't check the caller's name before I answered it. It was Burke."

"Burke? Isn't he still on a business trip?" Confusion was written all over Xavier's face. He then added, "Rose, what did he say? You don't look good."

"He wants me to go..." Before Rose could finish her sentence, she was interrupted by the sudden knock on the door.

When Xavier opened the door, the man standing outside was Liu, Rose's driver.

"Mrs. Gu, Mr. Gu just called. He told me to take you to a reservoir now. He gave me the address. He said that you have to be there in half an hour," Liu said while catching his breath. Perhaps he ran all the way up here in a hurry.

The frown on Xavier's face deepened. He couldn't understand what was going on. He turned to Rose and looked at her face.

"Rose, what is..."

Rose cut him off, "That's also what he told me just now." She then stood up from the sofa, straightened her dress, and secretly took a deep breath to hide her emotions. "Let's go, Liu," she said to the driver politely.

"What? Rose, are you really going there?" Xavier blocked her way and said incredulously, "Amanda is a cunning woman. She is surrounded by many gangsters. What if this is just a trap?"

As Rose looked at the worried expression on Xavier's face, mixed emotions surged up from her heart.

If Xavier knew that going to that place might be dangerous, Burke should have known it too. But why would Burke let her take the risk?

Did it mean that Xavier worried about her safety, but Burke didn't? He was her husband, wasn't he?

"Burke wants me to go there. It must be something important."

"No! You can't go there now. What if your life will be in danger?" Xavier was angry now. "That Amanda must have beguiled Burke! Let me call him first. You haven't fully recovered yet. It's too dangerous for you to go there alone."

Xavier took out his phone and called Burke. However, he had tried several times, but no one answered.

"Never mind. I'll just go with you." He hastily took his coat from the hanger and put it on.

"Xavier, you don't have to do this."

"Rose, I insist. I can't let them bully you. You are much safer if you have me with you."

Xavier didn't give Rose any chance to refuse. He picked up his car keys and rushed downstairs. He then turned around and said to the driver, "Forward to me the address that Burke sent to you. Then your car will follow mine. Do you understand?"

"Got it, Mr. Yang," Liu replied with a nod, but still in a daze.

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