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   Chapter 14 I Hate You

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"Everyone wants me to love you, right? Well, I'll do as everyone's wish. " He pressed her on the sofa with astonishing strength. Her face trembled with his warm breath.

"Fuck off!" She struggled with all her strength, "You make me sick!"

"Disgusting?" He stopped and sneered, "Rose, what other words can you use to describe me except disgusting and dirty? Won't you tell me some?

Being slightly drunk, he leaned on the sofa and suddenly saw a stack of photos dropped from her bag.

Burke frowned and bent to pick them up.

Rose was still packing up. When she noticed his movement, it was too late to stop him.

When he saw the stack of photos and the files scattered on the ground, his eyes suddenly became cold.

"Divorce indictment?" He read the white paper and black paper on the document gently. His face was dark and terrible. "Rose, explain it."

"There is nothing to explain. I want a divorce. I told you before." Rose stood up, smoothing her messy long hair. Well, they would finally go this step. Even if he didn't find out tonight, her lawyer would inform him.

"What about this one? What's this? " Burke raised those photos, looking at Rose, "You had someone stalk Amy and me?"

"To ensure the success of the case, I need to prepare." Rose moved forward to pick up the pictures, but she didn't expect that Burke was faster than her, so she slammed the pictures on the ground.

"Rose Lin! Nicely done!" Gnashing his teeth, he said word by word, "I don't care if your stalking violated my privacy or not. But as long as our contract exists, the right to end this marriage is not on you! You seem to have a poor memory. I don't mind reminding you again. Our contract stands good for two years, which means if the two-year deadline is not over, you can only be Mrs. Gu. You don't need to think about any other things!"

"What if I insist?" She looked up at him without fear.

Their marriage was supposed to be a divorce and there was no need to continue. She knew they had contract, but she knew better that with Gu Family's domestic status, they would not allow scandals like contractual marriage to happen. If the case went to court, she still had hope.

Taking a deep look at the little woman in front of him, Burke suddenly felt that the woman was not the one who was gentle and tolerant. She had been beyond his imagination. He underestimated her.

"You don't want to save your father anymore?"

He was forcing her to surrender.

Rose was stunned for a while and answered, "I will save my father by myself."

"Rose Lin," he called her name in a slightly sarcastic tone, "You are being overconfident."

She was overconfident to believe that she could save her father on her own;

That she can end the marriage unilaterally.

"Do you know that as long as the contract is kept for there, you are still Mrs. Gu. You still have to perform Mrs. Gu's duty, including this."

He grabbed her around, tore off her blouse, the buttons of her shirt falling to the floor and exposing her snow-white skin in the air, which made Rose tremble.

"You are crazy, Burke!" She screamed and tried to escape from


"Yes! I must have been mad to cross the line for you again and again!"

His eyes were red and he had lost his mind. He trapped her between his body and the sofa. Looking at the little woman who was not properly dressed in front of him, he suddenly felt an unbearable heat.

His rough hand held her, but his action was not gentle at all.

His eyes were filled with desire, the desire to conquer.

Rose struggled and gradually lost her strength. At last, she turned her head back and buried her head in the back of the sofa, trembling with fear.

"Burke Gu, do not make me hate you."

Her choked voice made Burke stop for a sec.

He held her chin and turned her face around, only to find that she was crying.

Tears ran down her cheeks. His heart skipped a beat.

She had not recovered from the miscarriage, and her face was still pale.

He got bored all of a sudden.

He let her go and pulled the coat to cover her disheveled body.

With her eyes closed and tears hanging on her eyelashes, Rose heard him getting dressed.

He was about to go upstairs, but his footsteps stopped at the corner of the stairs.

"Don't even think about divorce. Rose, don't challenge my bottom line again and again. " He said and continued to go upstairs.


It was Sunday and the sun was shining brightly. Rose was sitting on a rocking chair in the large balcony, wearing sunglasses and a sunhat, and lost in thought.

"Dear Rose, although it's cold now, you don't have to cover yourself up like this, right?" "I remember that you never wore high necked sweater before. To be honest, it's not fashionable at all," Tina said while pointing at the clothes on Rose with a two cups of cappuccino in her hands.

Hearing this, Rose turned her head and looked at Tina. She pulled up her collar and continued to turn around.

Burke had to cover the marks that Burke left on her body.

Thinking of him, she suddenly felt gloomy.

She really couldn't understand why Burke was reluctant to divorce her.

"It's so rare that Burke is on a business trip, so I come here to chat with you, getting a chance to enjoy such a villa." Sitting in a wooden chair, Tina stretched herself and looked around, cozy and relaxed.

Although Burke wouldn't drive her away if he was at home, she always felt that cold face was going to burn her.

"I heard that Yang bought a villa at the Qinshui Tower for you? It's quite expensive. " Rosepicked up the cappuccino on the table and took a sip, changing the subject secretly.

"Well, he just used the money he saved for years." Tina rolled her eyes and said, "As a teacher, how much money can he make? He only made those extra money by doing part-time jobs, and then put all of them in this house. He's definitely not as good as Burke who can afford any house he wants."

"Do you still love Yang so much? Why did you insist on marrying him regardless of everyone's objection? " Rose teased her. She still remembered that someone had climbed over the wall to steal the household register in order to marry Yang.

"Oh my God! Can you just forget the past?" Tina covered her eyes and sighed.

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