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   Chapter 13 Gone Love

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"What's wrong?" Burke put down his phone and asked.

"What is it between you and Amanda?"

"Xavier, it seems that you are not qualified to ask me this question." Burke supported his head with his hand, and his tone was not too good.

"Yes, I don't have the right to ask you this question," said Xavier. He took a deep breath and continued, "I didn't want to interfere in the things between you and Amanda, but I just can't help defending Rose. She is such a good person. What did she do wrong? Why do you treat her like this?"

"Who are you to defend Rose?" She is my wife. " Frustrated, Burke reached out his hand for the cigarette pack in his pocket. It suddenly occurred to him that he had been carrying any cigarettes for a long time since Rose's miscarriage.

"What's so good about that Amanda? Why do you keep entangling with her?"

He just could not figure it out! Xavier went out of the office, scratching his head. After two rounds, he returned and pointed to the man who was sitting calmly and self-sufficient in the office chair. His tone was a little trembling because of excitement. "That Amanda is not as good as Rose, no matter her appearance or her family. There was a woman who dragged a gambler mother there. If you hadn't helped her all the time, she would have been sold in the brothel by her mother. I think you must be crazy to love such a woman! "

"I think you are the crazy one. You came to me and acted like a shrew." Casting a glance at the furious Xavier, Burke said coldly.

"Burke Gu! Won't you wake up?" With his hands on the table, Xavier's eyes were red. "I used to think that you loved her, so I was ridiculous enough to help you to persuade her. But now I feel that I was wrong. If you love her, you will not be entangled with other women!"

"I'm going to meet a client later. You can stay here if you want." Burke buttoned up his sleeves, grabbed his briefcase and walked out of the office as if he hadn't hear anything.

"I'll leave after I finish my last sentence," said Xavier, who stepped ahead quickly and blocked the door with a gloomy expression. "If you don't love her, you should give her freedom. Why do you keep her around and torture her?"

The look of burke became impatient, and his face was ready to rain. He moved away from Xavier and went straight out.


In the bright coffee shop, Rose sat in her booth, fumbling through the files.

"These are the divorce case files. They are all prepared. If you have any questions, we can make some adjustments." Said the other man in suit and leather shoes in a well-trained way.

"No, thanks, Mr. Sun. I think these things meet my needs at present." Rose closed the file and picked up a cup of black coffee on the table. She took a sip. The bitter coffee aroma intertwined in her mouth, which made her suddenly sober a lot.

Recently, she seemed to need coffee to cheer herself up.

"By the way, I have brought the evidence you asked me to find." Mr. Sun took out an envelope from his briefcase, put it on the glass table and pushed it in front of Rose.

Inside the envelope was a pile of photos.

It was a photo of Burke and Amanda.

The photos where Burke went to Amanda's apartment with her, went shopping in the supermarket for some daily necessities, and took her to the seaside for a drive...

Each photo, though not too intimate action, was enough to make Rose jealous.

This was taken secretly by a private detective before the family feast when she found the existence of Amanda. She just wanted to confirm

the relationship between Amanda and Burke, but she didn't expect that she would use it to sue him.

"Although these pictures didn't show too much intimacy, they worked well when they were prosecuted." Said Mr. Sun.

"Okay, thank you." Rose put the envelope and the documents into her bag and looked up, "I will contact you again for the following procedures."

"Okay, deal."



In the huge villa, only one lamp was on in the cold living room.

Staring at the lamp overhead, Burke felt so lonely and cold.

He used to live with his grandmother in the old house. After getting married, he moved out to live with Rose. But even after he got married, he seldom lived in the villa alone, and most of the time he went to the company or had dinner out of business.

Now he felt alone since he had stayed in the villa for a long time.

As for Rose, she has been alone most of the time in this villa since she married him. She could also feel such frustration and loneliness, which were hard to control like the tide.

——If you don't love her, you should give her freedom. Why do you keep her around and torture her?

The words of Xavier echoed in his ears. Jacob picked up the whisky on the table and drank it in one gulp.

Did he love Rose?

He had never thought of that.

Did he love Amanda?

The answer was no.

He knew that he didn't love her, so he didn't marry Amanda and never crossed the last line of defense with her.

Since his father passed away, he only wanted to find out the murderer as his father to avenge himself. The most efficient way to get the truth was to combine with Rose and get Ray's trust.

Burke was a man who always took things seriously. He boasted himself that he never did things sloppily for a good reason.

But he seemed to have done a lot of strange things to Rose.

He thought Xavier's question was ridiculous. The relationship between him and Rose was only contract. And it didn't say that he should love her.

However, it seemed that he had been moving farther and farther in the direction out of his control.

The loss of that child happened all of a sudden. A calm person like him couldn't help panicking.

There was even no time for their child to see the world.

He did care about the child.

He covered his face with his palms. It seemed that he need to sort everything out after the busy period.

With a click, the hallway light lit up. The warm yellow light shrouded the woman who had just entered the door. It was Rose. Burke squinted and looked at her up and down.

Obviously, Rose did not expect that Burke would come back so early. She was a little surprised but soon she calmed down with a poker face.

"My dear Mrs. Gu, do you have to treat me like this?" He held her hand as she walked past him.

Her wrist was so thin that he had an illusion that if he used a little strength, her wrist would break.

"Let go of me, Burke."

"No." It was rare for him to have a good temper today, but he was not angry. He pulled her into his arms.

Rose didn't expect that. She lost her balance and fell on him. The handbag in her hand fell to the ground. Since it was not locked, it vibrated and fell to the ground.

"Let me go!" Rose struggled, but she couldn't match up to his strength.

When she approached him, she sensed the smell of alcohol from him.

"Don't play drunken madness with me, Burke! Let me go! " The more she struggled, the stronger he held her. He held her tightly in his arms, and with the strong alcohol, he ignored her.

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