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   Chapter 11 Jealousy

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Abruptly, a string of loud and harsh knocks on the door were heard.

Rose raised her head and unexpectedly saw a cold and serious face outside the car window. It was Burke.

He impatiently knocked at the window and gestured her to get off.

Rose stunned for a second and rolled down the car window.

Burke reached out straight toward the open window, turned the door knob and opened the door.

He took these actions naturally.

"Wait, sir, who are you?" Austin pressed Burke's hand that was about to touch Rose's and asked.

While waiting for an answer, Austin also looked at the man in front of him. There was an aura of repulsion around him, but he had to admit that this was a very handsome man dressed with a noble aura. Although he had already guessed the identity of the man in front of him, he was still unwilling to admit that his opponent was powerful in both momentum and appearance, a man who was beyond her expectation.

"I'm here to take my wife away. Do you have a problem with that?" He said in a cold and hard tone, with an expression of unruly arrogance.

This was the style of the CEO of Gu Group.

Austin had never met Burke before, but he heard of him, the new CEO of the Gu group. Though he was young, he was very aggressive and intimidating, well dressing a group of business veterans. He was really a capable man.

"Oh, you are Mr. Gu, the CEO of Gu Group. Nice to meet you. I'm Austin Yuan from Wyon Group. Austin took out his business card from his handbag and handed it to Burke.

Burke just threw a glimpse at the name card "Wyon Group" on the card for a short time and then put it in his pants pocket. There was a sense of arrogance and disdain in it.

"Thank you for sending my wife back. You can go now." As Burke spoke, he took Rose out of the car. Holding the delicate little woman in his arms, he looked at Austin expressionlessly.

He deliberately stressed the word "my wife", which meant that he was declaring his right.

Austin looked at them for half a minute before saying, "You're welcome."

Without any struggle, Rose was thrown into his arms. Even though she was unwilling to, she was not as strong as his strength.

After all, they were outside the Gu Family's house. Rose knew that she should behave herself, so she stopped struggling. She just wore a stiff expression and apologized to Austin with a smile.

Without allowing any communication between them, Burke walked back with his arm around Rose.

"Mr. Gu." Austin shouted from behind.

Burke stopped, but he didn't turn back. "I hope you can be good to Rose." said Austin behind him.

Feeling the man beside her suddenly became cold, Rose went flustered.

"Mr. Yuan, it seems that I don't need your permission about how I treat my wife." Then Burke turned around and cast a warning glance at Austin, then left with Rose.

Watching the disappearing figures of the two, Austin suddenly tightened his grip on the steering wheel. If he hadn't gone abroad and if he had stayed in China when Rose's father had been in trouble, then the one beside Rose wouldn't have been Burke. I would be him...

After staring at the direction where Burke disappeared for a long time, Austin finally came to his senses. He took out her phone and dialed a number.

"Help me investigate everything about Gu Group and Burke Gu. Be as detailed as possible."

She took a shower, changed clothes and dried her hair.

Rose did these things mechanically and silently.

"Don't you want to talk to me?" Looking at Rose coming out of the bathroom, Burke said in a sarcastic tone.

They had made a pretty bad couple.

It was less than a year since he took over the Gu Gro

up. Although the group seemed to be peace on the surface, he still had many difficult problems to solve. He was very busy in the company today when he received a call from the hospital saying that Rose had been discharged from the hospital in advance.

He called her home and was told that she wasn't at home.

His grandmother had been sad for a long time because of Rose's abortion. He cannot inform the family in the old house to help looking for her, but he was still worried about her. Therefore, he was distracted from work and threw the case to his assistant hastily, and then drove to her.

In such a small city, he had searched for an afternoon. When he finally decided to go to the prison in the suburb of the city, he happened to see her sitting in another man's car at the door of his home. They seemed to be old friends and had a nice atmosphere. Burke was not as fool as not to realize Austin's feelings to Rose.

Wyon Group was a little famous at an early age, but during the recent years, it was getting worse and worse and was pushed out of the upper class circle. Such a shameless man shouldn't have fought with me for Rose.

But the mere sight of Austin's unconcealed passionate love for Rose made Burke feel angry for no reason.

Rose put down the bath towel and ignored him. She took the quilt from the wardrobe and prepared to sleep in the guest room.

Again, this was how she had been like since she came in and acted as if he was invisible!

"Enough!" "What are you going to do?" Burke roared in a low voice and grabbed Rose's hands, trying his best to restrain his anger.

"Let me go." She looked down at the big hand holding her wrist and said calmly.

"No, no way!" He said through gritted teeth.

He would rather her yell at him and fight with him like what she did in the hospital. It was much better than now. She thought he was invisible and did not exist at all! He was almost driven crazy by her torture!

Rose smiled for a while and the memory hit her again: the day when Burke took Amanda's hand and asked her to stay for dinner.

He did this before her.

"What are you laughing at?" Burke felt extremely irritable. The Rose in front of him made him panic for no reason.

A panic that made him feel that she was so far away from him.

"Damn it! What are you laughing at? " He raised her chin and forced her to look into his eyes.

Seeing his bloodshot eyes, Rose pulled down his hand from her jaw and said word by word, "I'm laughing at your hand is dirty."

All of a sudden, Burke froze.

"Don't touch me with your hand that once touched Amanda. It's dirty." She picked up the quilt again, bypassed him and walked out of the bedroom.

"Aren't Austin hands dirty?" He smiled instead of being angry.

She didn't care how he talked back. It seemed that her ears were blocked by her automatically and she didn't care about what he said or what he did. People always have the instinct to seek advantages and avoid disadvantages. She was hurt too much by him. Very well, she finally learned to ignore him.

If she did not talk to him, her heart won't hurt.

After cleaning up the guest room, Rose slipped into bed and sighed.

She unconsciously put her hand on her lower abdomen, where their child once belonged to.

Tears came out again when she thought of the child, and fell on the pillow towel like endless water tap, drenching a large area.

"Baby, it's all my fault. I didn't protect you well," With her head buried in the quilt and her whole body curled up tightly, Rose murmured with self-accusation.

She sobbed in a depressed and sorrowful voice, which appeared abruptly and sadly in the dark night.

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