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   Chapter 11 Jealousy

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Rose was jolted out by the abrupt string of loud and harsh knocks on the car window.

When she raised her head, her mouth gaped, and her eyes opened wide upon seeing Burke's cold and stern face outside the car. She froze for a moment, not knowing how to react.

He impatiently knocked again and motioned her to get out of the car.

This time, Rose came back to her senses, so she rolled down the car window.

Burke hastily reached out his hand to the open window, fumbled for the door lock, and opened the door.

He seemed not to notice the man in the driver's seat.

"Hey, sir! Wait, who are you?" Austin snapped as he pressed Burke's hand that was about to grab Rose.

While waiting for an answer, he took the opportunity to scan Burke with his eyes. He could sense a vibe of repulsion around Burke, but he had to admit that Burke was a very handsome man with a noble aura. Although he could already tell Burke's identity, he was still unwilling to accept that Burke was more powerful than him both in momentum and appearance.

"I'm here to take my wife. Do you have a problem with that?" Burke finally replied. His tone was cold and hard, his facial expression was unruly and arrogant.

This was his style as the CEO of the Gu Group.

Austin knew that Burke was Rose's husband and the new CEO of the Gu Group, but he had never met Burke in person before. He also heard many things about Burke. And now, he could tell that despite being young, Burke was a very aggressive, intimidating, and capable man even when compared to those who were veterans in the business world.

"Oh, you are Mr. Burke Gu, the CEO of the Gu Group. Well, nice to meet you. My name is Austin Yuan. I'm from Wyon Group." Austin took out a business card and handed it to Burke.

At least, Burke did not embarrass Austin. He accepted Austin's business card, got a glimpse of the name of the company on it, and put it in his pocket. However, arrogance and disdain were still written all over his face.

"Thank you for sending my wife back. You can leave now." As he spoke, Burke took Rose out of the car. Holding her delicate body in his arms, he looked at Austin expressionlessly.

He deliberately gave emphasis on the words "my wife" to declare his right as Rose's husband and help Austin realize it.

Austin looked at them for a few seconds before saying, "You're welcome."

Rose didn't struggle when Burke held her in his arms. Although she didn't like what he did, she didn't have the strength to resist. She felt so weak now.

Besides, they were outside Burke's villa. She should behave herself to avoid causing trouble. So with a stiff expression, she just apologized to Austin with a forced smile.

Burke didn't want to give Austin and Rose more opportunities to talk, so he turned her around and led her towards the door at once.

"Mr. Gu!" Austin suddenly called out.

Burke stopped, but he didn't turn back. Austin continued, "I hope you treat Rose well. Be good to her."

Rose got flustered when she heard Austin's words, especially when she felt that Burke's body slightly shivered and became cold.

As she expected, Burke turned around and said coldly, "Mr. Yuan, I don't think you have the right to tell me how I should treat my wife." He then gave Austin a warning look before leaving with Rose.

Austin's grip on the steering wheel tightened as he watched the couple's receding backs. He was full of regrets. If he hadn't gone abroad and if he was in China when Rose's father got into trouble, he would have been beside her instead of Burke.

For a long time, Austin stayed in his car, stunned and motionless. When he finally came back to his senses, he took out his phone and dialed a number.

"I want you to investigate the Gu Group and Burke Gu. I want to know everything, even the smallest details about them."

As soon as they entered the villa, Rose directly went to the bedroom. She took a shower, changed her clothes, and dried her hair.

She did all those things mechanically and silently.

"Are you not going to talk to me?" Burke asked sarcastically upon seeing Rose coming out of the bathroom.

Actually, he couldn't help thinking that they had made a pretty bad couple.

They had been married for almost a year, and he had also taken over

the Gu Group since then. Although the company looked smooth and peaceful on the surface, only the people inside knew that he had many difficult problems to solve. In fact, he was extremely busy in the company today when he received a call from the hospital to inform him that Rose requested to be discharged early.

He called their home, but no one answered, so he surmised that she wasn't at home.

Burke's grandmother was greatly saddened by Rose's miscarriage, so he couldn't inform anyone from the Gu Family that Rose was missing. All his men in the company were too busy to help him look for her. He tried to focus on his work to finish early, but he was so worried that he got too distracted. Eventually, he threw the documents in his hands to his assistant, and hastily left the company to look for her.

It was such a small city, but Burke searched for her the whole afternoon. He failed to find Rose, so his last resort was the prison in the suburbs. He was about to go there when all of a sudden, he saw Rose inside another man's car right in front of their villa. From the looks of it, they were old friends and very close to each other. But as a man, Burke was not a fool not to see through Austin's real feelings to Rose.

The Wyon Group was a bit famous in the past. But these recent years, its situation turned from worse to worst until it was pushed out of the upper-class circle. For Burke, Austin was not qualified to be his rival for Rose.

But the mere sight of Austin's unconcealed love for her angered him for no reason.

Rose just ignored Burke. She put down the bath towel, took a quilt from the wardrobe, and was about to go to the guest room.

It was as if Burke was invisible. She had been treating him like this since she came in.

"What do you think you're doing?" Burke asked in a low voice through clenched teeth. He grabbed Rose's arm but trying his best to restrain his anger.

"Let me go," Rose said calmly. She looked down at the big hand holding her arm and then looked up to meet his eyes.

"No!" Burke firmly refused.

He would prefer that she yell at him and fight with him just like what she did in the hospital rather than ignore him as if he did not exist at all. He felt like she was torturing him, and it was driving him crazy.

Rose contemptuously smiled when she remembered how Burke held Amanda's arm last time and asked her to stay for the family lunch.

And he did it right in front of her.

"What's so funny?" Burke was irritated now. He couldn't understand why Rose could make him panic for no reason.

He feared that she would stay far away from him.

"Damn it, Rose! Why are you laughing at me like that?" This time, he held and raised her chin to force her to look into his eyes.

Rose saw a trace of fury in his bloodshot eyes, but she didn't quiver at all. Instead, she shook off his hand and said slowly, "I am laughing at your dirty hand."

Burke froze in an instant.

"Don't touch me with your hand that touched Amanda. It's dirty." She then picked up the quilt again, bypassed him, and walked out of the bedroom.

But before she could get out of the door, Burke suddenly asked, "Are Austin's hands not dirty?" Instead of anger, there was a smile on his face.

Rose didn't respond. She didn't care about anything he said anymore. Burke had hurt her so much that she didn't know if she could still forgive him. Perhaps it would be better if she taught herself to be numb from now on. Besides, she had finally learned to ignore him.

If she didn't talk to him, she could save her heart from being hurt.

Eventually, Burke was not able to stop Rose from leaving the room. Rose immediately fixed the bed in the guest room, slipped into the quilt, and sighed.

Subconsciously, she placed her hand on her belly.

And tears streamed down her face when she remembered her baby again. Until now, she was still blaming herself. She closed her eyes while tears continued to flow, drenching the pillow under her head.

"Baby, please forgive me. It was all my fault. I didn't protect you well." Rose buried her head in the pillow and curled up her body tightly as if she was in great pain.

Her sobs that sounded so depressed and sorrowful resounded through the guest room in the still of the night.

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