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   Chapter 6 a Fight

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The atmosphere in the car was very dull and stiff. Sitting beside Burke, Rose watched the scenery rapidly backing away out of the window with a heavy mind.

Leaning against the seat, Burke closed his eyes for rest.

The driver in the front took occasionally look at them from the rear-view mirror, muttering in his heart, 'it was said that Mr. Gu was the hero who had saved Rose when the great change happened in her family. He timely reached out to save her and hold a grand wedding for her. But privately, Mr. and Mrs. Gu didn't seem to get along well with each other.'

"Where did you go last night?" Finally, Rose could not asking.

He did often stay out all night, but at least he would tell her in advance.

But last night, he didn't.

In fact, she could have guessed where he had been last night. She could smell a strong perfume on him, the same as the one she had smelled last time.

Maybe he went to see his "Amy" again.

And Rose was just his dispensable wife.

There was still a suffocating silence in the car. As she couldn't get his answer, she turned her head to look at him.

He was still at rest with his eyes closed. After a long time, he spoke gently, "There's no need to report to you where I'm going."

"Burke..." Rose took a deep breath and tried her best to control herself, "At least, I am your wife legally. I have the right to... "

"Rose," he interrupted her impatiently, "You know what our relationship is. Just do what Mrs. Gu should do and do not interfere in my business."

Rose felt a sudden pain within.

Sure it was. She should have known that their marriage was only bound by that paper. Once the two-year contract ended, so would their relationship.

In his eyes, she was just a nobody.

But what about the unborn child?

Caressing her abdomen gently, Rose turned back, wiping the tears from the corner of her eyes without being noticed.

He wanted her to perform her duty. But the last thing she should do was fall in love with Burke.

The car arrived at the courtyard of the Gu Family. Burke strode to the inner hall first before Rose getting off the car.

Rose picked up her pace behind him.

He had always been like this, never stopping and waiting for her.

And she seemed to have got used to it, chasing after him and looking at his back.

His back was broad and strong, a back that she could rely on.

But, this did not belong to her, nor did it belong to the baby in her belly.

Rose looked down and thought sadly. Accidentally, she bumped into that strong body.

Burke turned around and frowned at her, "Don't you look when you walk?"

Without saying anything, Rose covered her bumped nose.

"This again!" said Burke, scratching his hair, "Do not always be so pitiful or grandma will think that it's me who bullied you."

Just as he finished his words, his grandma came out from the door. She smiled from ear to ear at the sight of them.

"Hey, you brat! Finally willing to see me!"

Burke changed his expression immediately. A second ago he was gloomy, and the next second he was gentle.

The grandma smiled brighter when she saw the Rose behind Burke. She held Rose's hand and said, "Come here and let me see my granddaughter in law. You are getting more and more beautiful. Grandma missed you so much. Come to me when you're free, okay? "

"Okay, grandma."

With a gentle smile, Rose followed the grandma to

the seats hand in hand.

Rose respected grandma and the whole Gu Family, for she treated her best.

She treated her as her own child with all her heart.

As she was thinking about it, a gust of fragrance blew in. Sue Huo, the mother of Burke, stepped downstairs with thin steps. Seeing that both Burke and Rose had come, she just smiled kindly at Burke and took a cold glance at Rose. Then she sat down on the dinning chair with no expression on her face.

Sue Huo was a delicate woman. Even though she was nearly fifty years old, she was still well-dressed and beautiful. Her movements were full of elegance and charm of rich ladies.

However, even a "fairy" like her had lost her husband last year.

The chairman of Long Group, the father of Burke, died in a car accident a year ago.

After all, she was an unfortunate person.

Sensing that Rose was looking at him, Sue Huo raised her head and looked back in the eye. In her eyes were coldness and disdain.

Sue Huo hated Rose.

Even Rose didn't know the reason.

She had tried her best to change the way Sue Huo thought her, but it didn't seem to work. The deeply rooted resentment of Sue Huo to Rose had gone to her bones.

"Since everyone is here. Let's get started." Grandma sat on the host seat, indicating the cook to serve the dishes.

"Grandma, why did you get started without me?" A sweet voice came.

Everyone turned to the door at the same time, seeing a well-dressed woman with long hair floating and a pair of high-heeled shoes walking in smilingly.

After seeing that face clearly, Rose stiffened.

It never occurred to her that Amanda would attend the family feast of the Gu Family.

Amanda had been well prepared for the birthday party. Since she knew there would be a family feast in the Gu Family last night, she began to dress up this morning.

She came here today to warn Rose.

She sat beside Burke naturally and whispered a few words to him, which made him put on a grim look, acquiescing her to hold his arm.

Their postures were very intimate.

Rose clenched her fists and her face turned pale as she looked at the "couple" sitting opposite her. She could not stand it anymore. Before the grandma said anything, she had stood up immediately, staring at Amanda's hands which grasped Burke's.

"Amanda, don't go too far!"

"Sister Rose, what are you talking about? I don't understand. " Amanda opened her eyes wide and stared at Rose with an innocent look.

"It's Gu Family's family dinner. What are you doing here?" She hit the ground with her crutch and asked, "Lin, is the servants at the door dead? Who let her in? "

Lin was embarrassed at the moment. His men didn't know what to do, making him the one to be scolded.

"Grandma, when I was with Burke in the past, I used to come to the Gu Family to have family dinners. You liked me very much at that time...... Did Amanda do something wrong? " Amanda said with tears in her eyes.

She was right. Before Burke and Rose got married, occasionally he would take Amanda back to the family yard of Gu Family to have dinner. The grandma was eager to have a great grandson. Seeing her grandson had no one accompanying him in his late thirties and hearing that he was getting close to Amanda, even if he didn't like this woman, he would choose to turn a blind eye.

But she didn't expect that Amanda was still tangling up with Burke until now.

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