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   Chapter 4 Being Pregnant

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Rose seemed to have fallen into a sea, a sea belonging to the night. Surrounded by deep blue water, she was floating in the middle of the sea without any lighthouses or lights. She was hidden in darkness, and her limbs were wrapped by sea weeds, which directly dragged her into the sea. The salty water poured into her nose, she heard someone calling her in the distance.

"Amy... Amy... " A steady and warm voice came. It was her father.

She wanted to answer it but couldn't make any sound. She felt like being strangled by a pair of invisible hands.

There were also a woman sobbing quietly.

It was a woman with a vague face who was crying toward Rose.

Then that face became clearer and clearer: long chestnut hair, brown eyes and gloomy expression. That pale woman turned out to be herself!

Suddenly, Rose woke up with a gasp. She was still unconscious.

In front of her eyes was a white ceiling and white wall

The smell of the disinfectant fluid was pungent.

"Up yet?" Someone was talking to her.

Rose turned around and saw a doctor standing beside her.

"What's wrong with me?" Rose was shocked by her own hoarse voice.

"You're pregnant and got a bit scared. It was just some skin trauma, nothing serious. You'll be discharged from the hospital after finishing this drip."

"Pregnant?" Rose widened her eyes, unable to believe what she just heard.

"Yes, you are pregnant. And it has been more than three weeks. You should have been more careful. Take some rest. You are too weak to have any mental stimulation. " The doctor ordered while he opened and recorded on the doctor's round book.

What Rose felt was that God was joking with her.

The joke is to make her pregnant at this time.

Rose's hand rested on her belly, within which, unexpectedly, lies a little baby. She had a child with Burke, the man who had another woman in his heart.

He might even not want this baby.

How ridiculous!

Rose closed her eye, a self-mocking smile on the corners of her mouth. Suddenly, she remembered what happened yesterday.

"Excuse me...... The man who came with me yesterday...... How is he now? "

"He is out of danger for now. He is in a sanatorium on the third floor. He just woke up and clamored to leave the hospital but he can't even walk steadily. He said that he can't afford to stay in the hospital ..."

"Poor guy......" Murmured Rose.

"There are too many poor people in this world." The doctor closed the book and walked out. "Each one has his own difficulties."

Rose glanced at the drip bottle in silence, and the phone in her handbag was still dead.

Fortunately, her wallet was still there. At least she can go back home.

There were so many poor people in the world and she was one of them. She did not even have time to feel sorry for herself.


Before leaving the hospital, Rose went to the third floor. She looked into the distance through the window of the ward.

It was Zack Lou, the man she saved yesterday.

It was an imposing name.

After settling the balance at the downstairs of the hospital, Rose also put some money into the account of Zack Lou, which was enough for his following medical expenses.

She decided to help him all through it. Her mother always told her to do so.

It was just her mother was gone.

Rose concealed the distress in her eyes and walked out of the hospital alone.

"Hello, where are you going?" The taxi driver looked at the exhausted Rose through the rear-view mirror.

"Home..." Rose murmured, leaning against the car window and habitually told him an address.

She was so tired that she closed her eyes to rest in the car.

Getting sleepy, she felt like she was standing at an intersection and didn't know where to go.

All her dreams shattered into pieces overnight.

Her father had been put in jail and her mother had died. Facing the breakdown of the Lin Family, Burke reached out his hand t

o Rose, which was taken by her as her life-saving straw. However, when she placed her hand in his, she was stepping into a dark trap.

She was in quite a mess.

Perhaps, everything she and Burke had was just her self-deception.

She is just a partner to Burke, isn't she? She should have known it when he handed the contract to her.

The identity he gave her was just Mrs. Gu for merely two years.

Not knowing how much time went by, the driver reminded her gently, "Hello, we have arrived."

Rose opened her eyes and was about to pay, but she found everything outside was so familiar.

The address he habitually told the driver was Lin Family's villa. No, now this villa had nothing to do with Lin family. She had lived here for more than twenty years, but now it was not her home anymore.

Rose lowered her head and felt depressed. But was the house of Gu Family her home?

She had lived there for a year, and she had tried to think of it as her home.

"Hello?" The taxi driver kindly reminded Rose.

"I'm sorry. Go to another place." Rose managed to raise her head and smile, making herself not so strange.


Standing at the door and staring at the black leather shoes in the hallway, Rose thought, 'he's back?'

The clock on the wall showed that it was already half past eight. Normally, he should have gone to work by this time.

Rose dragged her tired body into the living room, pain on her back.

"Still remember to come back home?" A cold voice came with a bit of anger.

Rose looked to the man sitting on the sofa. It was in the morning, but he still put down the curtain of the living room, darkening the room. It was difficult to see his face because of the shadows. But she knew that he was angry.

After getting along with him for one year, she had carefully tried to sound out and please him. She carefully observed what he liked and disliked and kept in mind. She tried not to make him angry and to be a satisfying "Mrs. Gu". She thought that by doing this, they would gradually break the ice and become a normal couple.

But she was wrong.

Burke had never changed a bit. He was the powerful and ruthless CEO of Gu Group, and also the perfect, calm Mr.Gu in their marriage.

Yes, he was perfect. Except loving her, one can say that he had performed his duty quite well.

"Say something." He said the word coldly, stood up and looked at her sharply. "Where did you go last night?"

Last night, he tried to finish the work as early as possible and went home, only to find that his home was empty. He looked for her the whole night and found that her trapped car on the way. He thought she was in an accident and was almost driven crazy.

But now, she was standing in front of him. She looked down and said nothing. Her hair was in a mess...... A bad thought occurred to Burke. He frowned and wondered: where she had been?

"Last night, I..." Rose hemmed.

How should she tell him about last night? Saying that there was something wrong with her car last night and that she fainted and saved someone to the hospital?

When Rose was still organizing the words, Burke sneered and said, "Well done, Rose. I underestimated you. Your phone is powered off, and my phone is dead. You are learning to make fun of others and to stay out all night. "

His voice was full of sarcasm and doubt.

"It's not like that, Burke. My phone was dead last night... " Looking into his cold eyes, Rose suddenly couldn't speak. She lowered her eyes, without looking at him. She just felt heartbroken that she returned home muddleheaded, but in front of was his doubts and questioning.

More ridiculously, all these doubts and questions came from her nominal husband.

He didn't trust her.

"Rose, I don't want to know who did you hang out with last night. But you have to remember that you are still Mrs. Gu. Don't let it disgrace the Gu Family." He pinched her chin and forced her to look at him.

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