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   Chapter 1 The First Time

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With her hands grasping the sheets tightly, Rose Lin bent up to see him sprawling over her body.

She groaned as the pain and pleasure mixed together. The she pushed her hips upwards in an effort for his body to agree with hers even more.


A smooth voice came from the top of her head. However, she also noticed his breathing became much heavier than usual.

Rose Lin unconsciously released her tightly curled fingers and the bed sheet around her crumbled back down.

It was no other than Burke Gu, the man who she had been married to for half a year.

She had loved him for twelve years, so she didn't really mind trusting him with this simple act.

Burke Gu gazed deeply at the bewildered Rose Lin under him. Her seducing eyes, shadowed by the lurking darkness around them.

The moment he entered her, he groaned as hundreds of thoughts flashed into his mind.

This was his wife – his actual wife. As groans and moans echoed throughout the room, he just couldn't believe that he was this lucky.

It felt as if a fire was lit up right in his chest as he lived in the moment over Rose's skin.

He leaned over and kissed her sweet and soft lips, and she moaned, pulling his face deeper into hers.

The next morning,

a pile of paper dropped in front of Rose.

She stopped what she was doing, stunned at being shocked out of her reverie. She took the forms doubtfully and scanned the familiar content.

Wasn't this their agreement, the contract they signed before marriage?

"What do you mean?"

she said, trying to steady her already shaking voice.

There was a two year deadline on their marriage. They'd already been married for half a year, yet he found the time to take it out again. Was there something wrong?

"Look at the third clause," he stated.

She narrowed her eyes at the third clause of their agreement.

"On the basis of both sides' wishes, both sides can perform the duty of a couple."

She was dumbfounded, her tongue tied at the predicament.

Trust Burke to label sex in such a formal manner.

Back then, there was only one clause in their obligation, that Rose didn't need to serve Burke in bed. All she needed was to act like his wife in public.

Once he saw the change in her face, he reached out and buttoned his suit sleeve with one hand elegantly. "You don't have to think too much into it. I'm a man, and I have my own needs to fulfill, and you happen to be the solution," he stated.

A flicker of surprise flashed in her face.

Did she hear it right? Did Burke just ask her to have sex with him?

In fact, she never really heard him speak of this topic till the time they both signed the arrangement.

"It's perfectly appropriate with you as we're already married.

Of course, if you're uncomfortable with it, we can always forget about this."

He was a noble man. He didn't really want to force someone into something they didn't want to do.

"Before the contract exp

ires, I'll add payment to whatever amount you want."

And that was the bell that had rang in Rose's ears.

She raised her eyebrows. "And what if Mr. Gu wants to maintain the relationship after two years?"

The corners of her lips inched up as she leaned in closer, wanting to know what was running in his mind.

"Mr. Gu's sure he won't do such a thing," Burke smiled briefly.

She burst into laughter before nodding her head. "Fine."

That was right. She agreed with no hesitation.

Their marriage was nothing but a deal anyway. It wasn't as if they'd bond emotionally during this plight.

Six months ago, the Lin Fmaily was already on the verge of bankruptcy. It was big news given that they were one of the richest and most powerful families in A City. Rose's father, Ray Lin was taken to jail. While her mother, Lillian Liu, committed suicide. It was up to her to rid the huge amount of debt she'd been put in.

It was in these desperate times when Burke offered her such a lucrative contract.

He helped her save her father and family, while she helped him to get what he wanted.

She didn't really know how it would be done, but she'd do it anyway.

He was her one way ticket out of all of this, and she wasn't planning on letting him go now. Besides, she had a crush on this man for twelve years, so this wouldn't hurt her.

Without any hesitation, she signed the contract.

She married into his family and became the legendary Mrs. Gu.

With the help of her husband, Rose was quick to save the few properties left under her family name and assigned them to the people she could trust. Now, all she needed to focus on was freeing her father and being a good wife.

On their wedding night, they slept on two separate bedrooms. Given that Burke expressed clearly that this was a loveless marriage, he wanted Rose to have no expectations for this union.

Grabbing the contract, she sat still.

Bruce couldn't help but be surprised. He married her in case the last clue would be destroyed. Plus, with her good background, his family wouldn't object to it that much.

Moreover, she was an obedient wife.

Yet, the incident last night couldn't help but leave a trace in Bruce's system. He glared at the ceiling. If he found out who drugged him, he would put that person in a place worse than hell.

"Did you apply the medicine?" His tone was strict and authoritarian, making Rose quiver at the sound.

"Yes, I did," she managed to say, flushing.

Yesterday was her first time, and she felt as if she was limping the entire day due to his desires.

Seeing her flush like that, he couldn't help but think of what had happened that night. It was probably because he hadn't been with a woman for so long that he decided to take it all out on her.

He had been celibate all his life, having no more than two women in the past thirty years.

He couldn't help but feel satisfied that she could give him this much pleasure.

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