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   Chapter 438 The Siblings' Hostile

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Seeing that grandma was completely infuriated, Rosalie didn't dare to say anything more. No matter how much she complained, it didn't work. The Murong family was just like this. They didn't care about family affection or efforts.

"Since you are back, brother, let's have dinner later." Krystal pretended to do the peacemaking.

Their father, Alden, was still in a meeting because of the company's business, so this night there was only a man at the dinner table—Sheridan. Having dinner with the women of the Murong family on the table, Sheridan felt it was really strange.

"Brother, have this."

Krystal behaved very enthusiastically, but Sheridan remained calm all the time. He was neither cold nor warm-hearted to anyone around the table, so Krystal couldn't figure out what he came back for this time.

"Sheridan, how was your life outside all these years?"

Of course, Sheridan's mother felt sorry for her son. They hadn't seen each other for so many years, and she felt that he was getting more and more mature. He must have suffered a lot outside as he became more uncommunicative and reserved in comparison with being outgoing and cheerful in the past.

"It was not bad. Better than what I thought."

For him, it was more uncomfortable to stay at home. Because this family was full of cold-blooded and selfish people. Their indifference made him feel bad, and also made him become ruthless for the so-called survival. Now that he was back, he would do anything and leave no room for mercy.

"That's good. Eat more. I feel that you are much thinner than before."

Then During the meal, Sheridan


After saying that, Sheridan turned around and was about to leave. Krystal clenched her fists in anger. "Stop! Don't think you will be able to act on your own will in the family even you are back. You know, I have done more in the family than you have and I have more connections then you. Do you really think you have the power as the master of the family? Stop dreaming."

Sheridan curled his lips and said, "Yes, you are right. You have worked harder than me. But you have forgotten one thing. The position of heir of the Murong family is only passed down to men, not to women, and... From now on, all your privileges in the family will disappear bit by bit..."

Krystal was so angry that her face turned blue. "Sheridan, don't go too far! Since we are siblings, we can take what we need respectively. It's not a bad thing for you!"

Sheridan took a sip of wine and said, "You're right, but I hate others scheming against me the most. So, you have touched my bottom line. I'm not going to ignore that."

After saying that, he turned around and strode away.

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