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   Chapter 437 Internal Strife In The Murong Family

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 5395

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It was said that Sheridan, the eldest master of the Murong family would come back tonight, and all the members of the family rushed back. Back then, Sheridan fell in love with an ordinary girl. The Murong family didn't agree, so they forced them to separate. At last, the girl was humiliated and chose to commit suicide. Only a few people in the Murong family knew about the details. But they didn't expect that Sheridan would move back after leaving the family for so many years.

"What? Why did he suddenly come back?"

Rosalie Murong, the daughter of the old lady of the Murong family—Grandma Murong, also hurried back to Murong's big house with her son. Sheridan was the eldest son of the Murong family, but because he didn't come back all year round, many people thought that he had severed the relationship with the Murong family. It meant that Rosalie's son was the most likely person to inherit the Murong family.

"I'm also curious. Why did Cousin Sheridan come back all of a sudden?"

Violet also found it a little inconceivable, but she felt that the fact that he would move back had something to do with Krystal.

The old lady Grandma Murong and Krystal's mother looked very happy.

"Don't ask too much. It's good that he can come back."

Sheridan's decision had already caused a great uproar before he entered the house.

Rosalie sat on the sofa with her teenage son. There was an indescribable expression on her face.

"Mom, Sheridan has left the family so easily for so many years. It's so thoughtless of him to come back as he wishes. Let's talk about the development of the Murong fa

ou be so tart and mean? Sheridan is still young and it's normal for him to be thoughtless. Can't you just humour him rather than get into a blame? What's the point of saying that now? I know what you're planning!"

In the Murong family, there was only interests and no feelings among the members, but Sheridan was different. He was the only son of the Murong family in his generation. No matter how many mistakes he had made, the Murong family could tolerate him.

"Mom, how can you be so partial? I have done enough for the family! If it weren't for me, the Murong family wouldn't have developed... Fine. Forget it."

No one would take what Rosalie said seriously. After all, she was a married daughter, and she wouldn't get much from the distribution of property.

"Of course, aunt, we know what you have done for our family and we will keep it forever in mind. But my brother just came back. We'd better not talk about these unhappy things,"

Krystal said like a peacemaker. Sheridan watched all this farce silently, with a hint of mockery flashing in his eyes.

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