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   Chapter 434 Aaron's Premonition

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 4925

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"It doesn't matter. There will be a chance in the future."

Sheridan smiled gently. His expression was so tender that it could melt any girl's heart. Unfortunately, both Rita and Nina were married. No matter how much they appreciated the handsome face of him, there would never be the kind of crush feelings.

Rita lowered her head to eat, still not letting go of her doubts. She had been thinking about the back of the strange man who had just gone to the company to look for her. Now she felt that the strange man really looked like Stuart. But... But she felt something was wrong. If the man was really Stuart, how did he know her real name? Why did he look for her?

Thinking of this, Rita was absent-minded while eating.

"Riri, what's wrong with you? Are you not feeling well?"

Rita shook her head and said nothing. Stuart was sitting next to her. Rita felt that she even began to breathe nervously. Because she didn't know why that strange man came to her. After all the tricks she had been set up before, Rita would have some doubts about strangers.

"Riri, let me drive you home later," Nina said.

"No, thanks. You should go home and have a good rest. If you go back late, Frank will be worried again."

Nina curled her lips and said, "That guy is busy all day long in the company. Otherwise, I won't be so bored."

Rita smiled helplessly. "He works so hard just for you. Frank was once a notorious playboy. It was good that he didn't go out to mak

t in the ACG Cos circle. I always feel that the strange man looks like him, but... Anyway, it's quite weird."

After thinking for a long time, Aaron had a bad feeling in his heart. There was a strange man trying to get close to Rita. If he did it on purpose, it was probably not that simple.

"Be careful these days. You'd better not go out," he suggested.

Rita nodded. "I know, but I still feel strange. I have to figure this out."

He held her hand tightly and said, "Don't be rush. Your health is more important than anything else now. Don't worry. I'll arrange someone look into it."

If this man had ulterior motives, Aaron would never allow him to appear in front of Rita again.

"By the way, look at this."

Rita took out two strawberry cakes from behind. When he looked at them, Aaron's face really changed.

"Honey, why did you buy these again?"

Rita laughed. "I bought them specially for you."

He shook his head helplessly and took the cakes over.

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