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   Chapter 433 A Big Shot Suddenly Appeared

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 5357

Updated: 2020-09-23 00:02

Hearing that the man was here for her, Rita was stunned. Although the man in front of her looked a little familiar, she didn't seem to know him.

Sheridan was also a little surprised to see her. 'Isn't she the girl the same person he saw in the anime expo that day? Is... Is she Rita?' he couldn't help thinking.

"Excuse me. Who are you?"

Rita stepped forward and looked at the man's face carefully. It seemed to be a little familiar, as if they had just seen each other not long ago.

Sheridan opened his mouth a little. Seei

ave a boyfriend? But so what? She could change her boyfriend at any time. He didn't think he was inferior to Rita's boyfriend at all. If he wanted to get her from that boyfriend, the chance of winning was very high.

At this time, Sheridan didn't realize that he had already had a different feeling for Rita.

"Wow, that's really a pity. We can only wait for another chance to take a photo together in the future."

Although Nina felt it was a pity, she would never go out alone with a strange man without Rita being with her.

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