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   Chapter 312 Be Careful Of The Jiang Family

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 4489

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What happened in the past was staying in the past. Rita still hoped that Magee could be more open-minded and not miss the person who really loved him.

"You don't know that he called your name when he was drunk. Ha, why am I so cheap? I was used by him willingly, and now I was kicked away by him. I didn't even want to take revenge on him."

Mandy blamed herself more. She deserved it and had nothing to do with others.

"I envy you so much that you can be with the one you love."

Mandy's eyes were full of envy and sadness.

How could she be with the person she liked? The person she liked had someone else in his heart.

Rita sighed, "You all say that you envy me. But who knows how many setbacks and desperation I have suffered in order to be with the one I love?"

"Then maybe we are the same. Let's have a drink!"

Looking at the glass of red wine in front of her, Rita gently clinked it with Mandy and took a sip.

"It doesn't matter now. Rita, I won't hurt you anymore, because I'm going to leave soon."

Rita frowned and asked, "Where do you want to go?"

Mandy said, "I'm an artist that has been banished. What else can I do in the country? Besides, I have many enemies in the entertainment circle. If I don't go abroad now, will I wait for others to take revenge on me?"

Rita nodded and said, "That makes sense

didn't say anything else?"

Rita came close to Aaron and whispered in his ear, "Mandy, she was... pregnant!"

Aaron raised his eyebrows and rubbed his chin. "The father is Magee?"

Rita asked in surprise, "How do you know it's Magee?"

Aaron sneered, "Well, Men know men best."

Rita rolled her eyes and said, "What kind of that explanation? I guess that may be just an accident. Mandy said he was drunk and called my name. Maybe he was drunk and... then,"

"How dare he call your name when he's drunk?"

Damn Magee! How shameless he was! Too angry!

Seeing that he was jealous, Rita quickly coaxed him, "Well, let's stop talking about them. Let's two sing a song too."

Leaning against Frank, Nina drank too much. She asked, "Riri, why did you come back so late? I've drunk a few glasses of wine. Come over here."

"Don't drink too much. How are you two going home later?"

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