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   Chapter 305 Their Sincere Love

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 5892

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Bran was pressed on the ground and kept screaming. After a long time, the two young men stopped.

"That's right. That's what we want. Nora, come with us!"

"No, no. Please! Stay away from me!"

Realizing that she was about to lose her life, Nora ran out without hesitation.

However, before she could run a few steps, she was directly caught back by the two young men and pressed on the ground.

Clap! Clap! Nora was stunned by two slaps on her face!

"If you dare to cheat on our brother next time, it will not be as simple as two slaps!"

"Take her away. There are still brothers waiting outside!"

Bran fell to the ground in pain and covered his stomach, watching Nora being taken away by the two of them.

"Bitch, I won't let go of your Su family!"

After saying these, Bran closed his eyes and fainted.

After Nora was taken into the car by the two young men, her hands and feet were directly tied up.

"What do you want? Please let me go. My family is rich. I will give you whatever you want."

The four or five young men in the car burst into laughter. "Miss Nora, this matter can't be solved with money! Our boss asked us to... You know, to treat you well!"

Rita had just been discharged from the hospital. She had no idea that the people of those who had hurt her were almost living in panic and had undergone a tremendous change in their lives.

Aaron held her in his arms and got into the car. His eyes were full of love. Rita had a miscarriage again, so her health condition would be worse. Especially her mood now was the big problem to worry about.

"Aaron, I still want to go to the pedestrian bridge to have a look."

After hesitating for a while, Aaron coaxed her, "Honey, the wind is a little strong today. You'll c

round and covered his mouth with her hand.

"It's not late now. I'm going back to the company tomorrow."

Aaron refused immediately, "No, you can't. You haven't recovered yet. How can you go back to work?"

Rita held up his face and said seriously, "I've made up my mind. There are some things that I can't avoid at all. This revenge can't be taken by only yourself. I will also do something! I'm going back to the company tomorrow. Trust me!"

Aaron rubbed her hair and said, "Don't be so tough, okay? In fact, Frank and I have arranged everything. Just wait and see."

Rita pouted and said, "No, I also have a small plan with Nina. You two can do your plan. We two can do ours."

Aaron raised his eyebrows and pinched her face. "So you have already had the plan with Nina?"

Rita nodded and thought for a long time. "You'll see after that. Let's go home early. Marin is waiting for us to have dinner."

Seeing that Rita was in a much better mood, Aaron felt that this trip to the pedestrian bridge was worthwhile.

"Okay, let's go back! Let me take my little princess into the car."

Before Rita could react, he carried her up and put her into the car.

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