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   Chapter 302 Settle Accounts With Them One By One

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 5803

Updated: 2020-07-19 00:14

"As for the Jiang family, make their factories close down immediately. Besides, dig out all the dark history of Mandy Lu. No matter who is the investor behind her, ask her company to ban her immediately! As for Nora, I heard that the Su family wants to introduce her to the son of a high-ranking official recently."

To be exact, it should be Selena who introduced her to the Li family from the three generations of political power. But now, it should be impossible!

"Find a way to make a fool of Nora. As for Sarah, I heard that her eldest daughter has been very arrogant at school recently. If anything happens to her, it should not be surprising."

Wendy had never met her boss being so vicious. It seemed that he was really angry this time.

"Okay, Mr. Aaron. Got it."

Aaron put down the phone and punched the wall hard. Whoever made him lose the one he loved most, he would make him lose everything!

After returning to the ward, Aaron saw Nina was sitting there peeling an apple for Rita.

"How's it going? Have you made a plan?"

"Yes," replied Aaron in a low voice. "But I still need your help."

Frank patted him on the shoulder and sighed, "If you need any help, just let me know."

"Sarah's eldest daughter is very restless at school."

She was just a little girl in Grade Two of junior high school. Relying on her family power and influence, she often bullied her classmates.

"I know what you mean."

"You don't have to kill her. Just cripple her."

Frank nodded and immediately called someone to do it. It was no wonder that Aaron was being so cruel. Sarah should have thought of the consequences from the day when she tried to hurt the baby of Rita.

Nina sniffed and said, "Riri, you must che

ee sneered at the news when he knew it. He didn't think that the media were all making up lies, and some of the photos should be real. Mandy used to be a social butterfly, so it was normal for her to hook up with several rich bosses. She had said before that only she could help him. Now it seemed that she couldn't even care about herself.

Mandy was not in big troubles and many companies wanted to terminate their contracts with her. Her agent was running from company to company, and her legs were almost broken.

The agent also began to transfer her fans to hater, and all the advertisements Mandy had previously endorse had been removed.

Mandy tried to calm down and began to realize that it was premeditated. If it was just with some dirty information, the situation could not be so serious now. She must have offended someone and this person was looking for an opportunity to revenge on her. Had the fact exposed that she hired reporters to hurt Rita last time? But it had been a long time since that incident happened. It seemed that Aaron didn't want to take revenge at that time.

"Hey, Nora! What the hell is going on?" She called Nora.

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