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   Chapter 288 No Need To Be So Generous

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 4084

Updated: 2020-07-12 00:13

After dinner, Rita changed into a small dress and touched her belly with hesitation.

"What's wrong, honey?"

Looking at her tangled expression, Aaron thought it was very interesting, so he stepped forward to tease her face.

"Aaron, do you think I'm fatter? I have a small belly."

With a smile, he put his hand on her belly and rubbed it. "No, it's not fat. It's our baby."

"Having a baby means growing fat, ah..."

Rita suddenly felt that she was on the verge of breaking-down. She didn't expect that she would think of this until now.

"It doesn't matter. The fat will be gone after the baby is born."

After Aaron made a long time of comfort, the two of them walked out of the door.

"Where are we going?"

Aaron said while driving, "Let's go shopping together. You will feel much better if we have more fun."

"Okay, then we'll buy delicious food before we go home."

Aaron nodded. "Okay, it's all up to you, my honey."

When the two arrived at the shopping mall, Rita began to think about what to buy first. But when they arrived at a baby products store, Aaron suddenly stopped, holding her hand.

"Riri, look inside. Is that cute?"

Looking at him, Rita pouted and said, "Humph, are yo

g that, the saleswoman was also stunned. This man was so generous! Who was he?

"Well, yes, we have. There is a baby stroller specially designed by our top designers. It has many kinds of functions, and it can be folded automatically. It can also become a baby bed at any time. It's the best choice for outdoor travel. Besides, the mother could also sit in the car. The relaxed and soothing music could be automatically played in the stroller to help the baby sleep, and to ease the baby's frequent crying at night. But the cost is very expensive. There are only three sets in this city."

Rita pulled Aaron's sleeve and said, "Isn't it too early to buy it now? Don't spend so much money."

Putting his arm around her shoulder, Aaron said, "We are late. Think about it. Our baby will be born in six months."

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