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   Chapter 262 You Did It But Dare Not To Admit It

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 4985

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"Well, well, don't be angry. I have cooked fish. Let's have lunch together."

Nina smelled with her nose and sure enough, she smelled the fish soup.

"Wow, it's so rare for you to cook by yourself. I want to have a taste."

Rita pinched her face and said, "Go and sit down. It's going to be ready soon."

Aaron turned on the TV and poured two glasses of juice.

"Honey, there are fruits at home. I suggest you to make more dishes."

Rita looked back at him and saw Aaron winking at her. It seemed that she suddenly understood what he meant. Could it be... It could be called as a coincidence.

After Aaron cut the fruit, Rita made the fruit salad. Sitting on the sofa and watching TV for a while, Nina felt bored and began to play games on her phone. In a word, she was in a bad mood no matter what she did.

Somehow, she always thought of Frank's annoying face.

"All right, all right. The dishes are ready."

Rita walked to the table with the fish and smiled with satisfaction.

"It looks so good."

Aaron tasted it first and thought it tasted really good.

"Then we're going to serve the meal. You go and call Marin."

Aaron got the order, then he stood up and walked out. Outside, he happened to meet Frank who just came over. Frank walked to the gate, and Marin went to open it.

"Oh, you are waiting for me."

Frank had sent Aaron messages to ask for help a few days ago, asking what he should do about the matter between him and Nina. In the beginning, Aaro

ameless words!"

Nina was so angry that she was trying to hit him again.

Rita and Aaron were eating fruit salad and watching the show. Oh, yeah, it was really interesting. What a perfect couple they were!

"Frank Wei! Just stand there and don't run away!"

"Don't use violence! Put down the spoon. Oh... These are all other people's belongings. Don't throw them away."

The pillows on the sofa were also thrown to the ground. Marin stood there at a loss. She wanted to pick it up, but was stopped by Rita.

"Marin, don't worry about them. Let's get ready for the meal."

It was not until Nina was exhausted and sat there breathlessly that the living room became quiet.

"Well, that's enough. Let's eat."

Nina rolled her eyes at Frank. "I'm full of anger when I see him. I'm going back now."

"Well, then I'll go back too."

Frank followed Nina and wanted to go out.

"Don't follow me!"

"No, I am not."

Rita couldn't help laughing, "Well, you two, sit down now."

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