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   Chapter 261 Get Laid By Someone

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But compared with Magee, Nora was indeed the one who behaved well recently. It was said that she often stayed with Selena recently and rarely walked around in the noble circle.

"If these people don't behave themselves, I won't show mercy to them. But there is one thing that is a little strange. It seems that Magee has come to the Ning family as well."

"What? Nina's family?"

Shaking his head, Aaron analyzed, "It's hard to tell whether he has found Nina or not, but she hasn't contacted you to say about this, so he must haven't found her."

"In order to get his position, he is really doing everything he can. Now that he has come to the Ning family."

There was a hint of mockery in Rita's tone. She should look at him with new eyes. However, it was better for Magee not to stand out too much, or he would be broken wings before taking off.

"Let's wait and see what he wants to do."

Aaron held Rita in his arms and buried his head comfortably in her chest.

"Get up quickly. I have work to do."

"Let me hold you for a little longer. I'll be back soon."

Rita looked at him helplessly. This guy came to her company from time to time. He was so stubborn and insisted that it was hard to believe.

It was not easy for them to have a weekend. Rita and Aaron planned to stay at home for a whole day.

"Let me cook, Marin."

Having a holiday at home, Rita planned to try cooking fish with pickled vegetables by herself.

"The fish is very fishy. Let me do it."

Marin had been busy and concerned taking care of the two people. This time, Rita planned to cook a meal to express her gratitude to Marin.

"Let me do it. You two can taste the food and see if I have made any progress in cooking."


e should be very hilarious.

"Calm down, calm down. You have to calm down. You tell me first, eh, you two... Did you have sex that day? Do you remember it?"

Nina blushed. She thought for a long time and shook her head. "I don't know. I don't remember at all. When I woke up, I found him in my bed!"

"Then... Do you have the feel that... the pain feel all over your body?"

Speaking of this, Rita was a little embarrassed. When Aaron heard this, he cast a cold glance at her. The condom they two bought in the shopping mall hadn't been used yet.

Feeling his eyes, Rita coughed slightly and said seriously, "If you don't feel the pain all over your body, you should be fine."

"Really? Am I really fine?"

Nina breathed a sigh of relief. Although there were two bite marks on her neck, she didn't feel the pain all over her body. So she guessed that they hadn't reached the last step.

"Well, judging from your expression, you should be fine."

Although Frank did not do the last step, Nina was still very angry. Frank, who didn't drink much at that time, dared to touch her and take advantage of her! 'That was too much!' Nina thought.

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