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   Chapter 260 Mr. Aaron Is So Jealous

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 5139

Updated: 2020-06-28 00:12

Rita looked through the document and thought the project was really good. Since he wanted to cooperate, then she would cooperate with him.

"I can cooperate with you, but could you please tell me why you want to cooperate with me?"

After a moment of silence, Magee said, "I don't have any purpose. I just want to prove myself to you."

He wanted to prove that he was no worse than anyone else, and that he could go hand in hand with her.

"In fact, I don't think you need to prove it to me."

No matter what his life was like, Rita thought it had nothing to do with her.

When Magee was about to say something more, Rita's phone suddenly rang.

"Hello, what's up, Jenny?"

Jenny's anxious voice came from the other end of the phone, "Ms. Rita, come back quickly. Mr. Aaron came here all of a sudden. His face darkened when he knew that you were out."

Rita took a deep breath and said, "I see. I'll go back now."

After hanging up the phone, Rita showed an apologetic smile and said, "I have something to deal with and need to go back immediately. Mr. Magee, let's talk about it next time."

"Then go ahead," said Magee with a smile.

Rita turned around and left in a hurry. Looking at her back, Magee clenched his fists secretly.

When Rita returned to the company, she saw the gloomy handsome face of Aaron. He stared at the document with sharp eyes and was sitting in Rita's chair, giving orders to Jenny.

"You don't have to bother Ms. Rita with this trifle in the future. You can do it."

"And this, the L

? He is an ambitious man, huh?"

Yesterday, Wendy told him that Magee now set up a branch company, which was different from the previous industries of the Jiang family. Besides, he had recruited a group of new people to work for him. It seemed that he was going to get up his own business empire.

"Yes, I thought he was a little depressed before. I didn't expect that he would have such a big change now. Maybe it's because of the Jiang family. He has to take the responsibility."

"No matter what he wants, I won't let him go as long as he dares to seduce you."

It seemed that Aaron didn't take Magee seriously. Magee couldn't defeat him just by himself. But it would be troublesome for him to deal with it if Magee cooperated with others.

Aaron frowned. Anyway, Magee was a trouble maker.

"Don't worry. He doesn't have any other intention to cooperate with me this time. What we have to worry about now is that Sarah and her people will come up with another plan to deal with us once her first one failed."

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