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   Chapter 255 Mr. Aaron Was Beating up Magee Jiang Hardly

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 3817

Updated: 2020-06-26 00:02

"Aaron, Don't hit him!"

Magee was beaten hard by Aaron to fell to the ground hard, but Rita couldn't stop him. After another punch of Aaron on his face, Magee stood up.

"He's just drunk. How can you hit him?"

Feeling a little aggrieved, Aaron said in a stiff tone, "He was hugging you like that just now. What would he do to you if I came a little later?"

"What will the people outside think if you hit him today?"

Many people knew what happened between Magee and Rita before. If Aaron beat him today, there might be some rumors that were disadvantageous to them.

"I don't care what others think!"

Aaron's cold and domineering tone was like a child, full of strong possessiveness.

Rita was angry with her face darkened. She knew Aaron was jealous, but he couldn't hit him so easily!

"Can you be less impulsive?"

Rita walked up and helped Magee up, the she asked hurriedly, "Are you okay? Get up quickly."

"You care about him?"

Aaron also drank a little. As long as he saw that Rita was with another man, he would be very angry.

"Can you stop talking nonsense? I'm really angry!"

Magee wiped the noseblee

and and punched the wall.


Then Aaron stood up and strode away.

"Hey, Aaron Leng! Stop..."

Rita stood up and caught up with him. Her eyes were red. If she didn't hold back her tears, she would cry out the next second.

Seeing the two of them leave, Sarah sneered.

"It's not a big deal but they are quarreling like this. The relationship between the two doesn't seem to be that strong."

As long as she played some tricks, coupled with the cooperation of Magee, she didn't believe that Rita would have the face to stay with Aaron.

While Sarah was thinking, Magee staggered out of the bathroom with his hand covering the corner of his mouth. He had a severe headache and tried his best to walk out.

Suddenly, a hand held his arm.

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