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   Chapter 253 What Are You Doing Acting As A Hero To Save A Beauty

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 5456

Updated: 2020-06-25 00:02

Not only Scott, but also many bosses of other companies present had rushed over to curry favor with Aaron. After all, now the company of the Leng family was up to him, and many people had come to praise Rita.

She was just an ordinary girl. She stepped into a rich family and had such a capable husband.

Seeing that Aaron and Rita became the focus of the crowd, some people were happy but also some were worried.

Of course, Nina and Frank were very happy. The smile of Marvin was also full of wishes. And Magee couldn't figure out about himself to feel bad or good. He drank one after another, laughing at himself that he was really not as good as Aaron. He had thought that he had a chance to win Rita before, but now it seemed that he was just daydreaming.

Nora gnashed her teeth in hatred, but she tried her best not to show it. She had provoked Aaron again and again in the past, and now she didn't dare to make trouble in public.

"I didn't expect Aaron's gift to be so chic. I'm ashamed of myself."

Scott smiled awkwardly, but there was unwillingness in his eyes. If he were to take in charge of the company, he might have achieved so much now.

Aaron didn't say a word but just smiled. It seemed that he didn't care about other people's thoughts. He just wanted to make Rita happy. He didn't care about the rest.

The banquet was going on. Aaron had accompanied several important guests by the side of Lambert. Rita was with Nina, and she was robbing the wine in her hand.

"Don't drink any more. If you drink too much today, I won't be responsible for driving you home."

Rita still had a lingering fear w

erturned the table. "Nina, get up quickly!"

Those rich men were also drunk. Seeing that Frank wanted to make trouble, they stood up regardless of anything.

"What are you doing? Do you want to fight?"

Frank sneered and kicked the man who wanted to stand out to the ground with his foot. Seeing this, the rest of them picked up the wine bottles and wanted to hit Frank

At this time, Nina was drunk and unconscious. Seeing that the two sides were about to fight, Rita quickly dragged her away. Frank was good at fighting, and those who were drunk were no match for him. They were knocked down to the ground in a few seconds by Frank.

Hearing the noise, everyone ran over to stop them, but Frank didn't want to stop and directly went up to beat them up.

"Stay away from her. Do you hear me?"

Frank's face was very gloomy and frightening. Aaron raised his eyebrows and walked towards him. "What are you doing? Acting as a hero to save a beauty?"

Frank snorted and said stubbornly, "A hero to save a beauty? Come on! I just don't like them. So I beat them up. Can't I?"

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