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   Chapter 252 A Tramp Is Always Good At Seducing People

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 5435

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With a nod, Aaron suddenly turned around and kissed Rita on the forehead. "I have something to deal with. Take care of yourself."

Rita blushed and said obediently, "Don't worry. Nina and Frank will be here soon."

He glanced at Sarah with a sneer and walked past her by striding with his long legs.

The people around who saw the kissing couldn't help but whisper to each other about the couple showing off their love.

"Didn't you say that Mr. Aaron has an affair with that female star? What happened today..."

"Yeah, yeah, they're so strange. Is the rumor wrong?"

"I agree with you. Mr. Aaron has always spoiled Rita. He asked Miss Yvonne to kneel down and apologize to her. In my opinion, it's just that people outside don't want to see the couple being good and spread the fake news deliberately."

Sarah couldn't help clenching her fists. The couple were really hard to deal with. Did they show love and break the rumors in public on purpose to show to her?

Looking at Sarah's gloomy face, Rita took two steps forward and said, "Sarah, excuse me for a moment."

Not long after Rita walked inside, she met Marvin who was wandering around with a glass of wine.

"Long time no see."

Marvin raised his glass and looked at her with amazement. Today, Rita was dressed very well, with a pair of divine eyes showing wisdom and quick-witted charming.

"You too."

Rita took a sip of the red wine and asked, "Why don't you say hello to the people? You are here alone."

"I'm tired of this kind of occasion. Isn't it good to be alone?"

Rita raised her eyebrows. Although Nora was annoying, her brothe

everyone what gift we give to father."

In fact, he didn't want to prepare a gift at all in the past, but Rita had asked him what they should prepared as a gift before. Thinking that Lambert had taken good care of Rita, he decided to send him a gift.

"The gift is that our products have been sold overseas to eight countries with the efforts of several days and nights of all the staff and Aaron. The sales has far surpassed the one in the second place by one point five times."

Everyone was shocked at once. The Leng family was ranked first in the company of the city, and now it was going abroad. Wouldn't it be stronger? Lambert's wish for so many years had almost been fulfilled by Aaron.

"What's more, there are hundreds of partners in our company in other countries. So far, the stock's rise is still far faster than yesterday's second and third place."

Rita's words were loud and clear, which made the face of Scott turn pale with fright. With such achievements of Aaron, was there any hope for him to take back the power of the Leng company? Scott was worried.

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