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   Chapter 250 I Promise I Won't Beat Him To Death

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 5173

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"We two... Anyway, we are of the similar character. We are not suitable to be a couple at all."

Nina was careless and liked to play. Besides, she was spoiled since she was a child, so she hadn't decided to settle down yet.

Frank was also a notorious Playboy in the circle. His family was powerful and no one dared to provoke him, so sometimes the temper of the two people was really similar.

"Silly girl, don't you think about it carefully? Frank seems to be dissolute, but in fact, have you ever seen him really close to any other women? Is there anyone else except you?"

Nina thought about it carefully and shook her head in confusion.

"It seems that... he really didn't. But it didn't mean that he likes me."

Nina lowered her voice and almost buried her head in the coffee cup.

"You just deceive yourself, okay?" Rita poked her little head and continued, "You are not a teenage girl anymore. If you don't get married in two years, you will soon become an old girl. I think Frank is also good to you. Don't miss the Mr. Right."

"Why do you speak like my mom?" The expression on Nina's face turned into a tangle. "But, I'm not sure whether I like him or not. Marriage is the tomb of love. I won't get married."

She didn't want to marry Frank. She hadn't had enough fun! Bah! She didn't want to be with that guy.

"Then let time prove everything. Let's see who will say it out first between you two."

Rita giggled and suddenly looked forward to the day when Nina and Frank were together. These two people were born oppon

r? It's her?"

It was unbelievable to Nina that Sarah didn't have any communication with them. She had no reason to destroy the relationship between Rita and Aaron!

"Yes, I was a little surprised when I knew it. But Aaron had found out that she and Mandy were classmates in college and that the two had been talking on the phone recently. Moreover, spreading this kind of rumor didn't bring much benefit to Mandy herself. It was just a hype for her. Then someone must have given her benefits behind the scene, which are enough to attract her to deal with me."

Nina was a little confused, but she could basically understand the whole matter. There was only one thing that she couldn't figure out.

"If so, what good will Sarah gain by dealing with you?"

Rita shook her head and said in a low voice then, "I can't figure it out, but maybe she has a purpose from the beginning. If she failed this time, she might find another way."

If Rita wanted to find out the answer, it depended on what means Sarah would use next.

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