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   Chapter 248 Never Playing Cards According To The Routine At All

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 3919

Updated: 2020-06-22 00:12

"Hello, is that Miss Rita?"

Hearing the woman's voice on the phone, Rita was secretly happy that she finally got this Mandy Lu showing up!

"Yes, speaking. May I ask who are you?"

Rita pretended that she didn't know her, and she deliberately made her voice sound a little trembling.

Mandy sneered, "Nice to meet you, Rita. I believe you must have heard about it before about ... what happened between Mr. Aaron and I. So I think we can need a talk together."

After being silent for two seconds, Rita agreed without hesitation, "Okay, see you in the cafe after I get off work today."

Rita agreed so decisively that Mandy almost failed to react.

This... This was not right! Generally speaking, when a woman encountered such a situation, she would shout abuse or avoid seeing the mistress. In theory, as a lawfully wedded wife, why should she agree to see a mistress? It's not bad if she did not give the mistress an unpleasant look. But how could Rita talk to her so kindly? Mandy could not figure it out.

However, the attitude of Rita at this time really made Mandy feel flustered.

Could it be... Mandy thought about it for a while and finally decided

iss Mandy, do you mean that you have an affair with my husband?"

Mandy's face turned green immediately. She wondered why Rita didn't play her cards according to the usual routine at all.

A common woman shouldn't treat a mistress like this!

Sarah specially had sent someone to follow and secretly take pictures of the two of them, in order to directly take a picture of the angry and unbearable expression of Rita. In this way, it was certain that Aaron had an affair with another woman. As long as she held the video in his hand, her husband Scott could seize the opportunity to expand the bad situation and seize the power of management of the Leng company.

As for that female star, Mandy, she would hope her to try her best to win Aaron, which would be good for her.

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