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   Chapter 247 I Am Willing To Tangle With Him

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 5669

Updated: 2020-06-22 00:02

Due to the lack of cooperation of Aaron with Rita's acting, the rumor faded away in a few days. After that, it was quiet for two days, as if nothing had happened.

But now, Rita was still a poor woman abandoned by Aaron in the eyes of many people.

"Ms. Rita, someone is looking for you outside."

Rita rubbed her tired shoulder and asked, "Who is it?"

Jenny hesitated for a moment, "Well, it's... It's a young man seems to be anxious to see you."

Rita frowned and thought that there must be something bad if someone came to her at this moment.

"I see. Don't let him in. I'll go out to have a look."

Rita put down her work and went downstairs to see who it was.


It was Magee. He ran to Rita in a hurry when he saw her.

"Why are you here?"

Rita was a little surprised. She didn't expect that Magee would come to her at this time. But she had already figured out what had happened between the two and made an ending to it, so she didn't want to have anything to do with him. But if Magee was used by someone and wanted to hurt her again, she would definitely not be polite!

"I come to see you. How are you doing recently?"

Looking at Rita's extremely strange eyes, Magee's heart was slightly hurt. It was his fault in the past. He didn't cherish her well, and even hurt her for his own interests.

"I'm fine. If there's nothing else, I think I have to go back to work."

Rita felt it very embarrassed. If the things in the past hadn't happened, the two of them would have been strangers earlier.

"Wait a minute, Riri." Magee stretched his hand to grab Rita's arm. "If he doesn't treat you well, just tell me. I will... I will be with you."

Rita th


Why? Why could this happen?

"Riri, are you cheated by him? He..."

"Well, that's enough for the topic. Anyway, it's between me and him. It has nothing to do with you. I say it again. Please go back. Don't come to me anymore in the future. It's better for you not to make trouble for yourself."

Making Magee be speechless, Rita turned around and went back to the company.

Several employees in the company watched curiously and couldn't help gossiping.

"He seems to be the son of the Jiang family. I heard that he had a relationship with Ms. Rita before."

"Really? Ms. Rita's ex-boyfriend is also handsome! Which one should we stand in now?"

Looking at the crisis in the relationship between Rita and Aaron, everyone began to choose to stand in lines. Some supported the relationship between Rita and Aaron, and some said that Rita and Magee wanted to rekindle their relationship. In a word, people said everything, which made Rita speechless.

"Ms. Rita, you have a call now."

"Oh, okay."

Rita walked over to answer the phone, only to hear a clear female voice from the other end of the phone.

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