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   Chapter 245 A Close Cooperation Between The Couple

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 6691

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"I don't care about his titles or what. He'd better measure the importance between the interests of the company or his personal feelings. I think he will have the answer."

Without even an expression on her face, Wendy continued to tell this Mandy the truth, "Then he will say his wife is more important. So please, the door is over there."

"Well, you..."

Mandy was so angry that her face turned dark. Why did the staff of Aaron Leng all behave the way just like him?

Mandy picked up her bag and left angrily.

Since the contract was not settled, Wendy continued to arrange her people to contact other female stars to endorse their products. She thought that this matter would be ending like this, but three days later, the entertainment news suddenly hyped up the affair between Mandy Lu and Aaron Leng.

The rumors came inexplicably, but they couldn't resist the trend of spreading. Even Rita had known all kinds of gossip rumors from different ways, and everyone was discussing whether she had been out of favor of Aaron.

Rumors were spreading all over the place. Rita and Aaron still did what they should do. After Marin finished dealing with her family affairs, she came back to the Leng House.

During the dinner time, Rita fixed her sharp eyes on Aaron.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

When Aaron saw her little face, he liked it very much so that he pinched her face directly with his hand.

"Aaron Leng, tell me. How did you refuse that actress?"

With a smile, Aaron picked up a piece of meat for her and asked, "What do you mean by saying refuse?"

Rita was stunned. Didn't he refuse that actress? She was not at the scene at that time, so she made up a story in her own mind. 'Mr. Aaron coldly refused the courtship of a popular actress and the actress's love turned to hatred that she deliberately hyped up the news about her dubious relationship with Aaron.

It was said that now there was a huge rumor that Aaron had an affair with Mandy, and Rita, Aa

She couldn't speak clearly with apple in her mouth, "Acting needs to be done in a full set. Now, I'm afraid the title of your 'wife protecting maniac' will be completely erased. What do you think? Do I act like an actress?"

With a smile on his face, Aaron nodded and said, "Yes, you are the best. But now your husband's images have collapsed, completely."

"Oh, it's not enough yet. You have to break something later and then call me again, like Rita, you bitch! You know?"

The corners of his mouth twitched and he said awkwardly, "I can't say that. Let's pass that part."

"I can't act alone. I think at lease you need to break the cup, okay?"

Rita picked up the cup and handed it to him. After thinking for a while, she took it back.

"No, wait. This cup is very expensive. I can't be such a spendthrift. How about you throw all the documents on the ground later and then I will pick it up by myself?"

Holding her in his arms, Aaron kissed her hard and said, "You're such a quirky little thing. Don't act anymore. I'm sure someone will spread the news that we had a fight today."

"Then tell me, what is the purpose of the people behind this rumors?"

Rita was really curious. Was the gossip hyping up just for money or was that Mandy Lu being used by someone to destroy the relationship between her and Aaron?

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