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   Chapter 244 The Abstinent Boss

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 6138

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Aaron put down the document on the desk and answered, "Okay. Let her wait in the lounge. I'll be there in half an hour."

"Okay, Mr. Aaron."

After he finished his work, Aaron rubbed the skin between his eyebrows tiredly. Then he remembered that the endorser woman that the company had invited was still in the lounge.

"What time is it now?"

Wendy walked in and said, "It's already three o'clock in the afternoon. The endorser is still waiting in the lounge."

As she spoke, she suddenly frowned.

The endorser was a popular female star named Mandy Lu. She had been waiting in the lounge for more than an hour. Ordinary people might not be able to wait any longer, but Miss Mandy did not lose her temper at all. Instead, she had been waiting with a smile all the time. It seemed that she was not an ordinary person.

"Is she still waiting there? I'll go to see her. Come with me."

Aaron went downstairs and strode to the lounge. When he opened the door, he saw a well-dressed woman sitting on the sofa and enjoying the coffee. She behaved very gracefully, but her dressing seemed to be a little too gorgeous, so she looked like sort of a seductress.

"Mr. Aaron, you have been keeping me waiting for you for a quite long time."

Mandy put on a charming smile and even blinked her right eye secretly. Seeing this, Wendy's face showed no emotion but she thought in her mind that sure enough, this woman had been waiting for such a long time because she wanted to seduce Mr. Aaron.

With an expressionless face, Aaron looked at Mandy and said in a low voice, "Sorry for keeping you waiting. If you think there's no problem with the contract, please sign it."

Before she could reply, Aaron bent down, picked up a pen and scribbled two words of his name "Aaron Leng" on the contract. After signing, he was standing the

ithout hesitation.

What kind of man was he? What kind of boss was he?

"Miss Mandy, please."

Wendy made a gesture to show the door. Mandy gave her a harsh glare.

"If I don't cooperate with your company, it will also be a loss to your company. You'd better persuade Mr. Aaron to think twice!"

Hearing the threat in her words, Wendy's corners of her mouth twitched. She said honestly, "Miss Mandy, I think I can just tell you that Mr. Aaron has obtained a total of three titles so far."

Mandy raised her eyebrows curiously. "Three titles? What?"

"Crazyman to protect his wife, national favored husband and the abstinent boss."

Mandy thought about these three titles carefully and was still confused. Did these three titles have anything to do with each other?

"Well, that is to say, after Mr. Aaron got married, he became a slave to his wife. If you don't believe me, you can inquire about it."

Mandy had heard of Aaron's being married. But she didn't know much about the relationship between him and his wife.

But there was no need to be so exaggerated. As the famous CEO of the Leng company, Aaron Leng couldn't only like one woman. It was rare for her to see a man to be so faithful in love.

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