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   Chapter 186 A Big Fuss

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 5990

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Rita still didn't want to listen to his begging. He had just taken advantage of her by kissing her. She didn't want to give it back to him so soon.

"No, You've reached the limit of kiss today. Come back tomorrow." Rita pouted and a stubborn look appeared on her face.

"Wow, you have this statement? Do I have to get the credits to be kissed by you?"

Aaron couldn't do anything to this little woman, for her mouth was on hers. What could he do if she didn't kiss him?

Aaron was displeased. "Fine. I'll ask you to kiss me early tomorrow morning."

"It depends on my mood tomorrow. You know the bank would perform an audit for your loan application. How can it be so fast?" The little woman turned her head away arrogantly.

Aaron wished he could press her on the bed and kiss her from top to bottom on the body. But she was not in good health, so he could only keep that in mind.

He would yield to his own wife. No matter what she said was always right, and she was allowed to do anything she wanted.

Aaron sat down and peeled an orange for her. "Okay, okay. You can do whatever you want."

While the two were talking, a roar came from outside, "You little bastard!"

Before Aaron could react, the door was kicked open. His bodyguards outside looked at him in confusion and said, "Mr. Aaron, we have tried to stop him, but..."

As soon as he saw Lance, he stood up immediately. All the members of the Su family rushed to Rita's ward, which scared her.

Well, it was true that many hands provided great strength.

With a frown, Aaron took a look at Selena. She stepped forward and said, "Your grandfather has known all about it!"

Selena took a look at Rita who was lying on the bed. She thought Rita was so thin, as if a gust of wind could blow her away. She was th

thin girl on the bed.

She was also brought up by her parents. Why should she suffer all these?

But, Nora was his granddaughter!

"I won't talk to you about this," said Lance with a frown. "Anyway, you can't let Nora go to jail! Otherwise, I will die in front of you!"

Seeing this, Anya hurried forward to support Lance to stand still and said to Aaron sincerely, "Aaron, your grandfather was old and it was inevitable for him to be stubborn, but he also didn't want to see our family get into trouble like this. Why did you do that? After all, we are relatives. Do you have to do this?"

Oh, they were practicing a typical moral coercion, which also could be called moral blackmail.

Without arguing with them anymore, Aaron ordered the bodyguards to come in. He said to Selena, "Please send grandfather back first. He is in poor health and now it's time for him to take medicine. If it is delayed, his body will be in trouble."

Selena could not handle his son so she waved her hand. She didn't care what he did and she couldn't do so.

"Dad, let's go home." Selena stepped forward, but Lance had no intention of leaving.

"If you don't promise me today, I won't leave!"

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