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   Chapter 184 A Big Fuss

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 5007

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Since Lance knew about the matter, the Su family was like a place after an earthquake.

Bray knew how absurd his daughter's behavior was. He didn't intend to protect Nora, but Lance was holding an opposite opinion. He loved all his grandchildren. And this matter involved Nora and also Cary.

No matter what, he couldn't let these two kids go to jail. Lance had always been fond of Aaron. But he didn't expect that Aaron would fight with the Su family for a woman. This made Lance hate Rita completely. He believed that it was all because of her.

Pointing at Selena angrily, Lance roared, "I really have a good daughter and a good grandson. Your son not only want to destroy our Su family, but also want to ruin the reputation of Nora and Cary."

Selena felt wronged. Her own grandson was dead during this incident and she could have no one to blame. But herself was blamed by Lance now.

Seeing this, Anya hurried forward and held Lance's arm. "Father, don't be angry. There is still room for negotiation. Aaron only said that he would sue Nora, but he didn't do it by now. maybe he just wanted to frighten her. She is still young. If she does something wrong, we can teach her a good lesson."

"Anyway, if Aaron dare to hurt the Su family, you all don't blame me for being rude to him!"

Lance had a high position in the business world and was admired by everyone. Moreover, he had a great influence in the business world. If Aaron really wanted to fall out with the Su family, Lance w

e did not realized that he had fallen into the trap of his daughter-in-law.

Anya pretended to have no choice but to say, "Okay, we will get the car ready."

Selena and Bray gave each other a look. Bray sighed, "I won't go. You can go by yourselves."

He didn't want to get involved in these things.

"I won't go with you, either" said Marvin, sitting on the sofa.

"Get the car ready!" Lance didn't care about Marvin and Bray. He insisted on going to the hospital. Selena had no choice but to follow him.

Anya pulled Bray and said, "What if Dad gets sick because of anger? I'll go with him."

Bray muttered irritably, "Look at the mess! Oh, damn!"

Marvin didn't say a word. He could imagine how fierce an earthquake Aaron and Rita would face soon. His grandfather, who was also a grandfather of Aaron, had always been a person who was impervious to reason. He could drive people crazy. Now he went to the hospital in person. Marvin could imagine how terrible the scene would be.

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