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   Chapter 183 Endless Aftereffect

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 4138

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Rita was helpless about what Aaron asked.

She buried herself in the quilt and said, "I'm going to sleep. I won't talk to you."

When he saw his wife being shy, he became happier. He got close to her and said, "Honey, you still love me. I know it. Don't deny it."

Though Aaron's behavior was sort of rascally, Rita was moved by it. She felt shamed about herself.

"Just say whatever you like."

Rita sneered under the quilt.

She didn't want to reconcile with him easily. He was always greedy for more if he got things he wanted so easily.

When he saw her fall asleep, Aaron finally calmed down.

Although he pretended to be happy and acting as a rogue before her, he was really worried about her.

In the past, he was not afraid of anything. But since Rita came to his life, she had become the most important person and the weakness to him. He was afraid that others would threaten him with Rita, and he did not allow anyone to hurt her.

In his heart, Rita was the most important person.

This time, he realized that Rita mattered much more than anything else. He could not be rational as long as things were related to her, he couldn't even think normally and judge right or wrong accurately.

Rita was deeply ro

what Nora had done.

It was horrible.

Lance roared at Selena angrily, "You have a good son. He is even regardless of the relationship between our two families, and he has broken off with our Su family for that woman..."

Seeing that Lance was so angry that his face turned pale, Selena had to comfort him.

Bray was standing aside and frowned. "It's not Aaron's fault this time. It's Nora. It's her who killed the baby. Father, that boy is also your great-grandson."

"I don't care about my great-grandson! Nora is my favorite granddaughter. She can't go to jail!"

Lance was just so unreasonable. In addition, he had heard a lot of bad things about Rita from Nora. Now, Lance hated Rita to the core, thinking that it was all her fault that made his grandson Aaron refuse to recognize his own closest relatives.

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