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   Chapter 182 Asking For His Wife's Kiss

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 4903

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Aaron ignored Marvin and asked him to leave. "It will be the same result no matter how many times your family come here. I said I wouldn't forgive Nora." ...

"Since you said so, will there be no room for negotiation?"

Marvin realized that the matter was serious. If Aaron really wanted to sue Nora, not only she would be put in jail, but also all the cooperation between the Leng family and the Su family would be terminated, which would inevitably cause a great uproar.

"Do you know exactly what you are doing?" Marvin was provoked. "As the CEO of the Leng company, don't you even think about the interests of your employees? Are you going to abandon your company's business of tens of billions dollars for your own sake? What are you thinking about?"

"Aaron." Rita pulled his sleeves.

He held Rita in his arms and smiled evilly, "It's just a little money. I have my own way to earn it back, and I will never continue to cooperate with the person who hurt my wife."

It was so hard for Marvin to imagine that Aaron would do this for the sake of Rita! How could he completely break off with the Su family?

"Okay," said Marvin, "if you really want to sue Nora, she will be destroyed by you."

Rita was a little shocked. Yes, she did want Nora to pay the price for the loss of her child, but when she thought of the relationship between the Su family and Aaron, she didn't want to see her husband to loss so much for her and even turn against his own

ehave herself."

When hearing such domineering words, Rita smiled.

"Okay, I will not stop whatever you want to do. Just let me leave the hospital." Rita looked at Aaron pitifully and reached out to pull his clothes. "Please, let me leave the hospital, okay?"

Looking at Rita's lovely face, Aaron had no choice but to say, "Okay, okay, just stay for a few more days. When all the examinations reach the standard, I will let you leave the hospital."

"Thank you."

"Then give me a kiss, okay?"

Aaron pinched her little face, but she pouted and refused to kiss.

"Riri, are you still mad at me? So that you don't kiss me?"


How could she answer this weird question? She couldn't answer it.

"If you don't kiss me, it means that you are still angry with me."

Rita didn't know what to do. This man was really unreasonable.

"I didn't..."

"Then why don't you kiss me?"

Aaron would definitely try every means to get his wife's sweet kiss today.

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