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   Chapter 181 Honey, Give Me A Kiss

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 6846

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"A month? You don't think I'm in confinement of childbirth, do you?" Rita was stunned. She was bored staying in the hospital. Every day, she only took injection and medicine. It was really uncomfortable. Lying on the bed, she felt that she was going to be a pig. She ate, slept and again ate and slept.

"You are just in confinement of childbirth. Don't you have common sense that miscarriage is the same as giving birth and you need to rest for a month, okay?" Aaron didn't allow his wife to leave the hospital and refused. "Besides, you are so weak. Look at you, you are not energetic at all."

Aaron took the opportunity to rub his wife's face. "Look at your pale face. It makes my heart ache to see you like this. How could you leave the hospital?"

Rita took Aaron's hands. "But I'm really bored. It's so boring to stay here every day."

"I came here to accompany you every day. How could you feel bored?" Aaron came forward. "You can watch TV series, the variety shows, eat and need not to worry about everything every day. It's just an imperial life. Do you still feel bored?"

Rita mumbled, "It's really boring. I'm just bored!"

Aaron sighed and said, "How about transferring you to a mental hospital? Then you won't be bored."


'Aaron! You are really something to deal with me.' Rita was speechless.

"Aaron Leng!" She called him impatiently. "How can you do that to me?"

Aaron stopped joking with her, and his face immediately became serious. "Riri, you are in a very bad health now, quite bad. I wish you could stay in the hospital all the time until you get plumped. I don't intend to let you out until then."

"That's like going in jail," she whispered. "Besides, the hospital is not a good place. It's very dirty here. If you really don't let me out, I'll.."

"Well, I give you another choice. Give me a kiss!" Aaron immediately leaned forward. "If you kiss me, I will let you leave the hospital. What do you think?" His face spoke of an evil smile.

Rita turned her face away and said, "No, I won't."

o say anything. It was difficult to change Aaron's decision, but he still wanted to try his best. He didn't want to see his sister go to jail.

"My mom and dad must have come to beg you today," said Marvin, turning his look at Rita. In his eyes, Rita was a soft hearted girl. Maybe she would forgive Nora.

Rita didn't say anything. She was caught by Aaron and put in his arms. Aaron began to show Marvin the door. "All right, I know your purpose. You will never get what you want. Even if Riri is willing to let go of Nora, I won't.

And remember, Rita is my wife. She doesn't want the flower you give her. She only accepts what I give her."

Aaron was really a powerful man when dealing with other men who wanted to show flattery to his wife.

"Take your things and get out!"

After all, Marvin was the elder cousin of Aaron. Marvin thought that he shouldn't have treated his own cousin like this.

But after hearing that, Marvin was stunned. He frowned and said, "I just come to visit the patient. I don't mean anything else. Besides, I apologize for the harm that the Su family has done to Rita."

"We don't accept it."

When he held his wife in his arms, Aaron sneered. It seemed that this guy was jealous. Marvin just gave a bunch of flower to Rita, but Aaron was so jealous. It was hard to imagine that Aaron was so possessive of his wife.

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