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   Chapter 174 I Will Be With You All The Time

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 5939

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Nina said so because she was worried that there would be trouble in the future when Rita chose to be with Aaron again.

But in Rita's own heart, she still wanted to make up with him. She still loved him.

She didn't hate him. After so many things, she would rather hate herself than him.

"Riri, are you hungry? Let me buy you some food for you."

Before Nina could finish her words, Aaron came in with two bags of food. "Honey, I'm back."

How sweet it was when he called her "honey".

Nina was speechless. She pouted and said, "Mr. Aaron, do you think that Riri could take all these food? Why do you buy so much food?"

"It doesn't matter whether she could take all of these. We have you and Frank here to help."


'This guy is really crazy about loving his wife. Showing off love everytime everywhere, he doesn't even care about other people's feeling, ' Nina thought.

Frank yawned and came in. "Well, the happy ending of the story. Now everything came to an end now. I have to go back to take a good sleep. It's so tormenting."

Nina gave a glance at him. Frank walked up to her and put his arm around her shoulder. "You can rest assured now."

"No! The matter hasn't been solved yet," said Nina seriously, turning her head to look at Aaron. "What are you going to do with the Su family, Mr. Aaron? I've taken the blame for so many days because of Cary. I won't let him go. I'm telling you, even if the Su family is a relative of the royal family, I won't let them go so easily."

The expression on Aaron's face changed. He would not let go of the Su family too. The Su family had framed Rita for several times and tried to destroy her innocence. Would he be merciful enough to let them go?

How was that possible?

"Don't worry. I won'

ittle? He wanted her to eat all the food.

Aaron picked up the bowl and chopsticks and fed her in person. "Come on, take another mouthful of the food, okay?"

"I really can't eat it." She pouted. "You will feed me to death."

"Just so little?"

Rita widened her eyes and said, "I have eaten so much, three times as much as I used to do!"

She was a picky eater and seldom ate so much. This meal was the most she could take.

"Look at you. You are so thin. You don't even weigh one hundred pounds. Why don't you eat more?"

She was 1.68 meters tall, but she didn't even have one hundred pounds. She was like a bamboo pole, and now she was sick. Aaron felt very sorry for her. He urged, "Take a few more bites. Good girl. Riri is the best. Just two bites more, okay?"

Aaron placated his wife like doing to a baby. Seeing that he was so attentive, Rita had to eat more reluctantly.

"I really can't eat any more."

She surrendered. She touched her round belly and blinked her eyes with grievance. "Please don't force me to eat more."

Aaron reached out his hand and touched her head. "Riri, you should eat well every meal from now on. I will be with you, forever."

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