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   Chapter 168 Time To Tell Aaron The Truth

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 5520

Updated: 2020-05-16 00:03

The passers-by looked at the two women and wondered what they had done to make them be thrown out of the hospital.

Rita was firmly held in Nina's arms. Nina couldn't let her catch a cold. Nina took off her clothes, but Rita was soon wet.

Nina hailed a taxi and hurried to send Rita in. Rita's face was too pale, which was frightening. Nina was afraid that something bad would happen to her, so she hurriedly asked the driver to send them to the public hospital.

In spite of the heavy rain, she took Rita to the hospital, and get her hospitalized.

Then she called Frank and asked him to come over.

In the ward, Rita was very weak and she held Nina's hand. She had no strength at all, and her blood seemed to have been drained. She said weakly to Nina, "Thank you."

"Don't be silly. We don't need to be so polite to each other. Riri, you have to take a good rest. It will be troublesome if you got an incompletely cured illness. I really didn't expect that hospital belongs to the Su family. If I knew it, I would never be in that hospital,"

Nina regretted and sighed. She was wet all over and kept shivering all the time.

But Rita was trembling more fiercely. Nina told Frank to bring clean clothes and hair dryer here to the hospital through the phone call, then she found a private ward to let Rita in first.

After a while, Frank brought clothes and food. Hearing what had happened, he frowned and said, "Are you two all okay?"

"We didn't get hurt, but we was driven out by them. Riri got wet in the rain. I'm afraid that she will get sick. What should we do now?"

With these words, Nina helped Rita dry her hair.


aid. People outside all talk about that."

"I'm telling you, it's impossible for Riri to do such a thing. Someone must have spread the rumor on purpose to frame her up."

"But Aaron won't believe it. He is so angry that he would not believe that he himself is the father."

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became. She gave a harsh glance to Frank. "Call Aaron now."

"He won't answer my phone. He knows I'm with you."

When Nina was about to lose her temper, the doctor came out from the ward.

"The patient is fine for the time being. She has just had a miscarriage. She needs to be taken good care of. The beating caused the miscarriage within two months of her pregnancy, which is very harmful to her body. You need to take special attention to her mood."

"What?" Nina thought she had heard it wrong, so she widened her eyes and asked again, "What did you say, doctor? She was pregnant for two months?"

"Yes." The doctor looked at his examination report and pushed his glasses. "She was pregnant for two months. She was hurt by external force and lost her baby..."

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