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   Chapter 167 Kick Her Out Just After The Miscarriage

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 5141

Updated: 2020-05-15 00:23

What Nora said sounded reasonable. Back then, for the sake of Rita, Aaron had been against his mother for several times and almost gave up the property of the Leng family. Selena thought she couldn't let the slut Rita continue to seduce her son.

"Enough!" Nina stood out to protect Rita. "You only know to say the words bitch or slut. Is this the rich family style? You are so rude and ill bred."

"Do I need to show my well-educated behavior to that bitch? I don't think so!" Nora was hit by Nina once, so she was not polite to her. "You are not much better than her. You are the same."

Nora raised his head arrogantly. "Auntie, we have to teach them a lesson, or they would really think that our Su family is easy to be bullied."

After saying that, Nora called in the bodyguards outside, pointed at Rita and ordered, "Kick her out of here."

She looked around and found that Rita was in a private ward, so she took that as a joke to insult Rita. "This hospital is not cheap, right? Rita, how can a poor person like you afford such an expensive ward? It must be my cousin's money! Always! You always use his money!"

Hearing this, Selena frowned with anger. Her son had given Rita a lot of assets. She was a shameless woman. She was pregnant with another man's child but still married Aaron. She even squandered his money! Thinking of this, she completely ignored what Nora had done and just stood there watching the show.

"Kick her out! Hurry up! Out to the corridor!"

Nora ordered the bodyguards.

Nina stood out in

al. She is not allowed to stay here!"

As soon as Nora finished speaking, several bodyguards rushed over, dragged Rita out of the bed out of the ward. Rita looked thin and weak in their hands.

The porridge spilled all over Rita's body. She tried to get rid of it, but she couldn't do it at all. She was so weak.

Just then, there was a loud crash of thunder outside and it was raining heavily.

Knowing that Rita couldn't catch a cold, Nina followed her out with her clothes. She run after them in a state of panic and pulled several bodyguards away. "Let her go! I say! Let her go!"

She put the clothes on Rita for fear that she would catch a cold.

Soon, Rita was dragged out of the hospital.

It was raining heavily outside. The big raindrops fell on Rita's body, making her trembled in freezing.

A gust of coldness came. Nina protected Rita with her own body, but she still got wet.

She just had an abortion a few days ago. How could she bear such a torture? Those women were really cruel monsters!

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