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   Chapter 162 Just Give Up

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 6122

Updated: 2020-05-14 00:03

Wendy lightly coughed. "She is still in the hospital."

It had been only two days since she had the operation. She must still be resting in the hospital.

He scratched his hair in a fret. With a bang sound, the laptop was thrown to the ground and broken.

Wendy took a deep breath in fear. Her boss had a bad temper these days. All the people around him were trembling and fearful, afraid of doing something wrong.

Having been with him for so many years, Wendy knew him very well. He definitely couldn't just forget Rita.

With one hand on his cheek, he frowned and thought.

He was worried about her and wanted to see her so much. He couldn't wait to know how she was doing now, but he had no choice.

He couldn't overcome the barrier in his heart. That baby was not his. How could he bear the betrayal of Rita again and again?

Noticing what was on Aaron's mind, she suggested in a low voice, "How about... I go to see what's going on?"


He nodded. "Take some supplement with you."

He was worried about Rita. He couldn't help the feeling. Even if he knew that she had betrayed him, he still didn't want to see her get hurt. Was he possessed by her love? Why did he like Rita so much? Why did he love her so much? He could not figure out the answer.

He must be crazy. Did he still miss this woman who had betrayed him for many times? How could he be so shameless, ignoring his own human dignity?

Wendy did not know the struggling thoughts in her boss' heart. She sighed and said, "Boss, I think maybe you'd better go to the hospital by yourself."


Wendy stopped her suggestion, but turned around and left the office.


Aaron called her from behind. It seemed there would be another new task for her to do.

"Go and find out who is the father of Rita's baby." Squinting his

I'm busy." Aaron said irritably.

He didn't want to see Kaley at all. Every time he saw Kaley, he would remind himself that he must fulfill his responsibility and be responsible for the baby. But in fact, he didn't want to be with Kaley at all. In his eyes, there was only Rita in his heart.

"Aaron," Kaley felt depressed. She continued to hold his neck and said, "Just one time, okay? I've been pregnant for so long, but I haven't asked you to have dinner with me. I said I wouldn't disturb you before, but now I know you need someone to accompany you. Let me comfort you, okay?"

Now that he knew Kaley's intention, he pushed her arms away impatiently. "Even if I divorce Rita, I won't stay with you. Just give up."

Her face turned pale. "Why? I'm pregnant with your baby. She is pregnant with someone else's bastard. The news online has spread all over the city. How could you be so heartless to me for her?"

Aaron sneered, "I won't marry you not because of Rita. I won't marry someone I don't love."

"Love can be created and developed. When you are really living with me, you will have the affection on me and accept me."

Kaley said stubbornly. She still wanted to have a try to get Aaron's love.

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