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   Chapter 158 She Lost Him Completely

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"What do you mean? Did you just say that I was pregnant with another man before our marriage?"

Rita couldn't help shouting at Magee angrily.

No, that was impossible. She hadn't slept with a man three months ago. How could she just get pregnant three months ago? Unless it was wireless reproduction.

Rita really wanted to laugh. She sneered, "Are you doubting me by asking me this? I didn't have sex with anyone before that. Except for Aaron. Do I even not know who is the father of my baby?"

Of course, Magee believed in her, but all kinds of evidence showed that since she had been pregnant for three months ago, the child could not be Aaron's. Not only did she think so, but everyone would think so.

"You are in a very dangerous situation now. Aaron doesn't believe that the child is his, because of the pregnant period. More than three months ago, Aaron did not have sex with you. Everyone thinks that the baby's father is not him. Riri, tell me, what was exactly going on?"

Rita was stunned. Now she was completely in a panic. How could it be possible that she didn't know that she had sex with others.

But they said that the child was not Aaron's. Then whose could it be? She was confused by those opinions. She shook her head and said, "I really didn't, didn't have sex with any man before Aaron."

She said it word by word, looking at Magee, like a student who made mistakes to report the situation to the teacher.

Seeing that Rita was so serious, he believed that she was saying the truth. He believed in what kind of person she was, so he believed that she was definitely not a skittish woman. "I believe in you, but my trust is useless. It has to be the trust from Aaron. Now he is sure that the baby is not his. What do

im?' Thinking of this, she answered the phone, "Miss Rita?"

She didn't know whether Mr. Aaron would admit that Rita was his wife or not. It was better not to call her Ma'am Rita or Mrs. Aaron.

"Wendy, where is Aaron?"

Rita's voice was very weak. She held the phone tightly and her palms were full of sweat. "Is he with you?"

"Miss Rita, Mr. Aaron is in a meeting. What can I do for you?"

With a frown, Wendy sighed and continued, "Miss Rita, you just took an operation. You'd better take a good rest. Boss doesn't want to see you now."

Rita knew that if it weren't for the appearance of Wendy, she and Magee would have been beaten to death by those women.

Wasn't this the order from Aaron?

So, did it mean that even if Aaron knew that she was beaten and bullied, he wouldn't come to show up to protect her?

"Okay, I see." After saying that, Rita hung up the phone.

She didn't want to cry, but her tears couldn't stop flowing. She covered her face. It was all her fault. If she hadn't had sex with another man, she wouldn't have lost him completely. Now he was far away from her, from his heart to the body, disappeared in her whole world.

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