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   Chapter 150 Take Off Her Clothes

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 6032

Updated: 2020-05-10 00:04

After Selena changed her clothes, the two of them went to the hospital where Rita was.

Rita was handling her patients' admission, and the doctor was going to give her a full examination. She was queuing up to pay the hospitalization expenses. The cashier nurse who received the money recognized Rita when she saw her ID card. She whispered to the nurse next to her, "Hey, isn't this Rita Gu? It's that shameless woman! She married Mr. Aaron but cheated on him!"

"Yes, yes, it's her. I have seen her photos. She looks like to be normal. I really don't know what Mr. Aaron likes about her. Eh, look at her..."

The nurses pointed at Rita. She came alone without any acquaintance around her. She buried her head and just wanted to pay the money and stay in the ward.

Just at this moment, a big and rough woman came out from nowhere. She raised her voice suddenly and shouted at Rita with a livid face, "Shameless bitch! You seduced my boyfriend! You fucking have a husband, but you still slept with my boyfriend! Is there anyone more shameless than you? You bitch! Go to hell!"

As soon as the woman roared, people around her all kicked up a fuss. Several women came out of nowhere, raised their sleeves, slapped on Rita's face and pulled her hair.

Rita's face was red and swollen, and blood seeped from the corner of her mouth.

Those women didn't give up. They punched and kicked Rita with all their full strength. "Bitch! Shame on you!" Along came the condemning words.

"Bitch! Who are you showing off to?"

"Come on, tear her clothes off and see what kind of slut she is!"

Someone shouted. Several women rushed up and pressed Rita's arms and legs. Rita shouted desperately, "No! No!"

Seeing this, some people around couldn't bear to see this mess and tried to stop, but they were

to be beaten to death, He thought if he didn't do anything, he was not a man!

"Hey, you, you!" Pointing at him with a trembling finger, Nora roared, "How dare you!"

"Why not? I can't stand you any longer!"

Magee carried Rita, holding her tightly in his arms.

Looking at the blood on the ground, she felt a little uncomfortable and sorry. She didn't know why. She always hated Rita and wanted her to leave her son as soon as possible, but when she saw this scene, she still felt apologetic.

Although in her eyes, Rita was a slut, she couldn't stand those women beating and scolding her like this and even tearing her clothes. It was in the public place.

At this moment, Pitt jumped out of nowhere and shouted at Magee, "Hands off! That's my woman!"

"Who are you?"

Magee looked at Pitt coldly. Pitt swaggered forward and said, "The woman in your arms is mine!"

"You are the paramour of Rita!" Nora cried out, "Come on, everybody takes a good look at this! How many men this Rita has?"

"Shut up!" It seemed that Pitt was here to make trouble.

Like a haunting ghost, he kept showing up in front of Rita always!

He thought it was really a good time for him to appear now.

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