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   Chapter 149 Beat That Bitch Up

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 6039

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Turning the pen in his hand, Aaron raised his head with a faint smile and said, "It's none of your business. It's not up to you whether I need a divorce or not."

Lambert narrowed his eyes. He knew that his son always liked to made his own decisions. Besides, he had a deep affection for Rita. It was undoubtedly a terrible blow to him to be asked to divorce.

But it was impossible for him not to divorce Rita since she did such a humiliated thing. Lambert didn't know how to persuade his son, so he got lost into a while of thinking. After a moment of silence, he said, "I came here today to tell you about this. If you have your own plan, I won't say much anymore, but there is one more thing..."

After a moment's silence, Lambert continued, "They say there is a woman pregnant with your baby? What are you going to do with the baby if you get divorced?"

He was wondering whether his son would marry Kaley after the divorce. That was impossible.

"Even if I get divorced, I won't marry anyone else."

In his heart, he only had one wife which was Rita. If they divorced, he didn't want to get married again.

"Well, have you finished your words? Please go out now." There was a rather disgust in Aaron's tone. He did not want to say anything or see anyone. He was extremely anxious and angry now, and no one would be his target to vent to his feelings.

Seeing this, Lambert stood up and looked at his son. "Think about it yourself. I really hope to have a grandson as soon as possible. If the woman is pregnant with a boy, I allow you to bring him back."

"Even if it's a boy, I will not marry her." Aaron was determined. Rita was the only one he wanted to marry and live for a whole lifetime. Not anyone but her.

He had loved Rita for so many years and she was the only one he would ma

back. She was so angry that she didn't sleep well for a few days. Her face was more wrinkled than before. She was so angry to think that how dare this bitch cheat on her son! She did this too much! What right did she have to cheat on her son? Did she even forget her humble position? She should be grateful since Aaron liked her! She did not but cheated on him!

When Nora saw her aunt step in the house so angrily, she went forward with a smile. "Auntie, drink some water first. Don't be angry."

Nora knew Selena must be angry for Rita. Keeping her smile on the face, she continued, "Auntie, I just heard that Rita went to the hospital."

"Why did she go to the hospital?" Selena frowned, "How dare that shameless bitch go out of her house? Isn't she afraid of being disdained and rejected?"

"I suggest we go to have a look? I happen to have a stomachache today," Nora held Selena's arm and continued, "Auntie, come with me."

Hearing this, Selena thought for a while and asked, "Which hospital?" She would like to see what Rita was up to!

Nora smiled complacently. "I'll take you there!"

She was about to go to the hospital to see how her men beat Rita up. She took Selena with her.

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