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   Chapter 148 Divorce Now To Stop Loss In Time

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 5336

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Compared with the uproar in the Leng family, that in the Gu family was nothing at all.

After the news was exposed, Selena couldn't wait any longer. She called her son for many times, but Aaron didn't answer, and then he turned off his phone. Selena rushed to the company, but Aaron locked himself in his office and refused to see anyone.

Selena wouldn't let it go. She asked Lambert to come here. They quarreled with each other at the door of their son's office.

"Look the woman you've found for Aaron!" Pointing at the news, Selena scolded at Lambert. She didn't show any respect to her husband in the company. "Now, Aaron have been cuckolded. What do you think we should do? I've told you many times that woman is not a good one, but you and your son all go against me. You get me pissed off to the hospital several times!"

After his wife slapped her daughter-in-law in public, the daughter-in-law also got herself into a shocking scandal. The two of them really annoyed Lambert.

"Enough!" Lambert didn't want to hear more from his wife. He walked to the door of his son's office and pressed the bell. "Aaron, I'm your dad. Open the door!"

Wendy stood at the door outside and shook her head helplessly. "Boss has locked himself in the office for a whole day. No one is allowed to enter."

"Oh my son..." Lambert had no choice but to ask Wendy, "Did he eat anything?"

Wendy shook her head. "No one is allowed to come in, so we can't send food inside."

Wendy raised her head and saw a group of onlookers outside the office. She asked the assistant to clear the site and invit

ightly frowned.

Lambert took out a cigar and lit it. After almost a quarter of an hour, he opened his mouth, "I've heard about everything. now that things came to this point, you'd better get divorced."

The pen in Aaron's hand suddenly stopped, and then he said coldly, "I choose my marriage not for you. You don't need to suggest me to divorce."

Lambert was speechless choking for a moment. The he sighed, "You have pissed your mother off for so many times. And your marriage life became like a mess, I have to be responsible for it. I arranged the blind date in the past. Who would know that you two young people... Oh, forget it. It's already happening. Just stop loss in time."

After giving his own suggestion, Lambert puffed on his cigar. Then a question raised in his head. "Riri is a good girl. I don't believe that she would do such a thing. Is there any misunderstanding? Of course, I'm not speaking for her. Even if there are misunderstandings, you two only have no other choices but divorce. If the thing continues, it will only get worse."

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