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   Chapter 147 Divorcing Him Was The Only Choice

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 5709

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Rita grabbed the ashtray from the tea table and threw it at Pitt. Fortunately, he dodged quickly, or he would be smashed on the head.

He jumped up, patted his chest and shouted with fear, "Damn it! You are murdering your own husband!"

"Get out of my house! Do you hear it clearly? Get out of here!" Rita was so angry that she even tried to grab a knife to kill him. "You bastard! Get out!"

"If I'm a bastard, I'm sort of the one who slept with you," said Pitt, touching his chin and squinting at her. "Riri, it's not good for you to turn against me so soon. Believe it or not, I'll go back to hold a press conference and tell the media what happened between us, and see how they report in the media."

"You can't do that!" Jack shouted at him. "You can't slander our Riri!"

"Ha! I suggest you call the police and ask them to investigate whether I have slandered her or not! Let's see whether I have wronged her or not!" Looking at Rita up and down, Pitt continued with a faint smile, "You shameless slut! Don't pretend to be innocent in front of me. You just want to get more money. Don't worry. I will give you what you deserve. I am very generous to women!"

Hearing these disgusting words, Jack was so angry that he wanted to fight with the man. He rushed up and wanted to give him a punch. But Pitt was younger enough. He easily avoided Jack, which almost made Jack fall down.

Grace hurriedly held Jack's arm and shouted at Pitt, "Get out of here! You are not welcome in the house!"

After tidying up his clothes, Pitt looked at the two old people as if he treated them as a joke. "Don't worry. I will come here more often in the future."

He was tired so he decided to leave today. Bu

the future. We'd better leave as soon as possible. As long as the three of us are together, we can go to everywhere. I'll sell the company tomorrow and collect some money to emigrate abroad."

Rita nodded with tears in her eyes. As long as her parents were by her side, she could definitely stand up again, from the morass!

"But, Riri, how would you do with Aaron..." Grace knew who was in her mind. How could her daughter like that rogue just now? The only one in Rita's heart was Aaron. There must be some misunderstandings between them!

"Mom, it's all my fault. I won't get him into trouble again."

She thought she was a big trouble for him. She, being a big burden to him, now made him be laughed at by the whole world, and everybody would think he was a cuckolded fool. He tried everything to be good to her, to fall out with the Su family, and to be an enemy of his own mother. But look at what did he get at last? A title of a cuckold!

Rita couldn't believe that she had made him stuck in such a deep trouble. She held herself and squatted down, crying in pain.

She had done things to harm herself and also Aaron.

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