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   Chapter 146 Just Put The Target On Aaron

Sink In Your Adoration By Gu Xiaolou Characters: 6288

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Aaron drove his car all the way to the company and then locked himself in the office. No one dared to disturb him.

Wendy didn't dare to go in. She was anxious at the door outside, being afraid that Aaron would smash things again inside the office. What should she do? No one could persuade him when he lost his temper. In the past, Ma'am Rita was there to comfort him, but now...

But after a while, she received a call from one of her junior assistant, who said anxiously on the other end of the phone, "Ma'am Rita has gone back to her parents' home, but a rogue came to her house to make trouble. Miss Wendy, see if you want to send someone to go inside and help?"

"A rogue? Who is it?"

"It's the man who had slept with Ma'am Rita. Now he is in the Gu family house, and we all heard the quarrelling noise outside the door," the assistant said in a trembling voice. She knew how her boss loved Ma'am Rita, so if they turned a blind eye to this matter, he would fire them all. "Should we go in?"

Up to now, Wendy still didn't know what was really going on. If she rashly asked someone to go in, would it be a good choice?

"Wait outside. If serious things happen, just call the police. Don't let the Gu family know that we are involved."

Wendy sighed. It was really difficult to deal with this matter. If the Gu family knew that it was Aaron's people who saved them, they might feel troublesome for Rita did not want to get mixed up with Aaron. She'd better wait and see.

But what she didn't know was that the Gu family was in a big uproar because of the sudden arrival of Pitt.

After getting the address of Rita's home from Cary, Pitt came over to find Rita. As soon as Rita returned home, he just arrived. Jack and Grace had read the news already and knew what happened to Rita. The two elders were very worried. If their daughter really did this, her reputa

nap her."

"You shut up!" Rita yelled at Pitt, "I will never marry you! Stop dreaming! It's enough!"

She was so angry that she coughed and almost vomited.

But there was nothing to vomit in her stomach. She covered her stomach with her hands and felt a sharp pain in her stomach, which made her feel so hurt that she started tearing up.

"Do you have any other choices except to marry me now?" Pitt stood up and pointed at her. "If you marry me, your reputation will still be able to save. I'll find some PRs and medias to defame Aaron Leng. I'll tell them that Aaron abused you and cheated on you first. As long as we put the media target on him and say that we are the true love, then you'll be finally proved innocent."

"No way!"

This rogue even wanted her to throw mud at Aaron! Was this man crazy?

"Now destroying Aaron Leng is the only way to prove your innocence. It just happened that he made the woman called Kaley pregnant, right? You can take advantage of that woman to make a fuss about it. You just need to tell the public that Aaron Leng cheated on you during your marriage and even had a child with another woman. In this way, things will be much easier. Do as I say, I'm sure you'll be fine!"

"Fuck off, you asshole!"

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